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A Retiree Responds to Headlines

From: M. Nicholson
To: LaborNet

YOU NO LONGER send notices on what is happening to other retired union workers. Why not??

I now know why the union ushers us out of the union when we retire. So we cannot vote on what our dear leader does. His jet costs us a lot. So does his son.

I just went to pick up my heart medications and was hit with a big surprise.......my insurance has expired. They took the $70.00 premium out of my June retirement check and I did not receive a notice of the union discontinuing my insurance coveage. They just told the pharmacy I have no coverage. The $386.16 minus $70.00 health premiums plus $597.00 Soc Sec does not allow me to pay for medical and still eat. It was hard enough to pay the co-payment. Paying the full cost is impossible. It is now too late to buy another supplement to pay the medicine. What do you do??

I have heart trouble, stroke problems and cancer there is no way I can buy another supplement, I could not pay for my prescription tonight. It is Friday night and I cannot reach my doctor. Right now my heart is racing and my blood pressure is 179/139 and I cannot get medication and I cannot go to the hospital, I have no insurance. I would like to know what happened to the medical insurance I was told was "VESTED" when I retired. Does anyone out there know???? I would really like to have an answer.

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