Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003
From: "phil lopez"

 IN SAN ANTONIO TX. at 4803 NW loop 410 SBC manager Noe Correa and Ron Cavazos
 assaults and threatens older Mexican American Man. This mangers are out of
 control some even on drugs. And Then you have the managers that will sale
 out their own folks the same type that terminated Ms. Maricu Sanchez for
 speaking better spanish than english, Why did Rafael Herra hated her so? His
 spanish was not all that great and she told him so. The hispanics Noe, Ron,
 Rafael and mangers like Dale Hanlon, Martha Martin and Jennifer Blakemore
 feel safe to assault, slap threaten and terminate any hispanic in SBC they
 don't like. Which brings to mind Luis, Who screwed up and passed out at his
 desk . His eyes rolled back in his head and drooling and shaking. SBC
 manager grabs him threw him on the floor. Two other managers join in and
 start to scream in his ear ( What the F--k did you take). This scum is on
 drugs or drunk another manager screams! yet another screams for him to get
 up. Get up goddam it!. They drag him out in the hall, by one leg. Oh yes I
 forgot they are Union members Of CWA Local 6143 AFL-CIO( SBC Controlled).
 Well Luis was taken to the hospital a urinalysis was ordered. Results? All
 he needed was a little sugar for his diabetes. Luis didn't even get an
 apology. Just threats to keep his mouth shut. Luis did file a grievance with
 the Union who in turn lost it. Just like Mr. Lopez who was cornered in the
 restroom and threaten by manager Ron with harm if he did not drop an assault
 charge on another Manager. Again The union lost the grievance. At any given
 time you will find at least 10 employees at the local Mission Vista and
 Laurel Ridge mental health Hospital s that are been treated for depression
 and some for substance abuse. Man this poor people look like they just came
 TO SEE AN SBC EMPLOYEE AT their hospitals. They Just say "We Always get SBC
 employee's here. It's just SBC's way of putting out the trash! Some of this
 people and I were directed to the EEOC. Forget it! The EEOC will fix it for
 SBC and on top of that they will flat out chew you out for taking up their
 valuable time with your silly reports. And don't be fooled SBC will send out
 their Asset Protection (security) Managers to your home to harass and
 intimate you. Just as they did me on 06-18-2003 Wed at 15:10hrs as I walked
 to check my mail asset protection area manager jumped out of his car and
 accost me and want to talk to me about a 30 day old investigation he had
 sitting on his desk. Ran the Boy off.


 While nesting as a Senior Consultant, on January 9, 2003, I complained to
 Manager Mike Vacca that after returning from break I discovered my
 medications were missing from my briefcase. Approximately thirty minutes
 later Manager Jackie Daniels approached me at my work station and told me
 she had been informed that my medication was missing. She told me that she
 had reviewed my medical contact information and noticed that I carried
 medication in my pocket for my heart and wanted to know if it was the one
 missing. To which I replied, "No." I explained that it was nitro for my
 heart. She then asked, "What am I supposed to do with the medication in your
 pocket if you happened to have a heart attack? Am I to understand that I
 have to put my foot on your neck and shove a pill down your throat?" I
 informed Mrs. Daniels that to please not touch me if I should have a heart
 attack, to just please call EMS for me or have someone call; and to let EMS
 know of the medication in my pocket. Mrs. Daniels walked off and said,

 On January 10, 2003, I had visited my Doctor to replace medication and due to
 my illness was also instructed to remain home and ordered to return to work
 on January 13, 2003. Upon returning to work I was escorted to a conference
 room for a meeting between my manager Noe Correa, Jackie Daniels, a union
 steward, and myself. The meeting was to discuss the incident that occurred
 on January 9, 2003 with Jackie Daniels, at this time she denied her remarks
 and then decided to apologize for her rude and insensitive comments.
 Starting on this date January 13, 2003 I noticed I was being monitored
 (listening on all my calls) at all times by my manager Noe Correa. I was
 called into his office almost every hour to discuss my customer contacts.
 Mr. Correa kept this up every day until January 16, 2003. On this same day
 at approximately 1945 hours, fifteen minutes before the end of my shift, Mr.
 Correa again called me into his office. At this time I questioned Mr. Correa
 of the constant monitoring and told him that I felt I was being bullied,
 harassed, and intimidated. After saying this Mr. Correa seemed to explode,
 and came with in 6 inches of me and started to point his finger in my face
 and said, "I'm your manager and I will develop you as I see fit. God damn
 it! Do you understand? Maybe your just to old for this job Mr. Lopez." At
 which time he pushed me hard. I told Mr. Correa that I had to leave now; I
 had begun to shake, not knowing what to do. Due to this incident I had to
 see my doctor and was placed on sick leave and was given letter to give to
 my employer.

 Upon returning to work on January 27, 2003 I gave Mrs. Daniels the letter
 from the doctor. She looked at the letter and gave it back to me then said,
 "I don't take care of this Mr. Lopez." I asked, "Who does?" She then told me
 that she did not know and proceeded to inform me that o report to my
 manager, Mr. Correa, for instructions. I went to Mr. Correa's desk and he
 informed me to report to Dale Hanlon's Unit (my old unit) and told me I was
 retreated due to my job performance. Upon arriving at Dale's unit I was sent
 to Martha Martin's team. Upon seeing me, Mrs. Martin assigned me a desk and
 commented that she knew of my mental condition and asked, "Your a Vietnam
 net, right Mr. Lopez?" I asked, "Why?" "We know, it's ok, Mr. Lopez. I just
 have my team to watch out for." From that date on I noticed that none of the
 managers would talk to me or help me.

 On February 13, 2003, Ms. Martin informed me I was reassigned to Mr. Pete
 Montoya's team and pointed out his area to me. She also informed me to look
 for my assigned seat in his area when I went on break. At approximately 1730
 hours when I was on my break, I went to look for my assigned seat in Mr.
 Montoya's area. Manager Ron Cavazos confronted me and asked me what was I
 doing and if I was on my break. I replied that I was looking for my assigned
 desk and waiting for Mr. Montoya. Mr. Cavazos told me to leave the area and
 come back when Mr. Montoya is there. As I was leaving I said to Alice Corpus
 and Laura Perry "got to go, See you later ladies at which time Mr. Cavazos
 yelled at me, and asked what I had said and aggressively moved toward me. At
 which time I left the area for fear that he may become violent, also telling
 him I was talking to Ms. Corpus and Ms. Perry.

 On February 17, 2003 at approximately 1300 hours I was on a call with a
 customer. I was trying to understand the customers needs, but was unable to,
 due to the yelling on the floor by unit managers Ron Cavazos and Jennifer. I
 stood up from my desk and raised my voice and said, "Keep it down that is
 the second customer I lost!!" At his time I saw manager Ron Cavazos look
 toward me and yelled, "You go to my (mouthing the f--king word) office!"
 After 30 minutes or so, Mr. Cavazos came toward me and told me I was not
 getting away with the same shit I did up stairs and redirected me to a
 conference room. After a meeting outside Dale Hanlon's office between Ron,
 Jennifer, and Ruben Mendez (union steward) they came in together into the
 conference room at which time I was frisked by Ron in the closed and locked
 conference room in the presence of Jennifer and Mr. Mendez. I asked to speak
 with the steward Mr. Mendez, he refused my request saying, "We will speak
 later." I informed Ron that I carried no weapons. "I'm checking for a
 recorder." Ron told me to empty my pockets, I refused asking him for
 security. "Sit down! Your on a 12 month DML (Decision Making Leave) as of
 now! For hanging up on a customer," said Ron. He informed me that this was
 his discussion and it was not open to me. He told me to shut up and just sit
 there. Ron said to me, "Mr. Lopez your not going to get away with the lies
 and crap you pulled upstairs with Noe." I looked at the union steward and
 said, "He just stated I lied." Mr. Mendez said, "I did not hear that." It
 appears to me that Mr. Cavazos, Jennifer, and Mr. Mendez had already come to
 an agreement on the out come in this discussion. During this discussion Mr.
 Cavazos said I was very aggressive on the floor when I yelled at him. I
 explained I had called out to him once before, but he did not hear me due to
 his and Jennifer's screaming in the celebration of a DSL sale. Mr. Cavazos
 also said he had heard me use the "f" word on February 13, 2003 when I was
 on break in the area of manager's (Martha Martin) direction looking for my
 assigned desk. Mr. Cavazos confronted me, yelled at me, and asked what I had
 said and aggressively charged at me, as if to attack me, which at that time
 I left the area for the fear that Mr. Cavazos may become violent. Mr.
 Cavazos told me he had a statement from Laura Perry and Alice Corpus stating
 that I had used the "f" word. Mrs. Perry called me at home on February 18,
 2003 at 1752 hours to check on what had happened. I explained to Mrs. Perry
 what had happened. Mrs. Perry said that she had never even spoken with Mr.
 Cavazos and never gave him a statement or ever heard me use profanity. She
 told me he was lying. Mrs. Perry offered to stand in front of the grievance
 committee and give a written statement.

 On February 15, 2003 I informed my manager Mr. Pete Montoya to please speak
 with Ron Cavazos due to his aggressive behavior on February 13, 2003, that
 had frightened me and made me feel threatened by his conduct that morning
 when we met in the hallway. Mr. Cavazos looked at me and spat in my
 direction. I strongly fell that his actions were taken in retaliation for
 the incident involving Jackie Daniels and Noe Correa, for me stating that I
 have been harassed, bullied, and discriminated because of my age (51), and
 for my medical disability. Recently three sales agents, Ms. Alice Corpus,
 Laura Perry, and Belinda Valdez, have been confronted by Ron Cavazos to make
 false statements indicating that I have used profanity. Even after they had
 said they never heard me use such words. The sales agents reported this to
 me. (I am not asking for help just wanted to let you know that something
 needs fixing at SBC. Hispanics are use & spit out every day at SBC their
 lives ruined for the most part. As Mrs. Debbie Marcell (SBC) said "speaking
 spanish is not a skill. Any Mexican can speak spanish and they are not very
 smart people)

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