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Fremont UAW NUMMI Workers May Strike
Dear Friends,

The Bargaining Committee of UAW Local 2244 passed out a leaflet in the plant
July 18 telling the members that after 3 weeks of negotiations the company
(NUMMI) is still proposing draconian concessions, including (I will quote
from the leaflet):

  • No wage increase for the life of the agreement
  • 5 year contract
  • Eliminate the 10% early start premium
  • Members to pay 30% of monthly medical premiums
  • Increase co-payment for doctors visits
  • $100,00 emergency room visit co-payment
  • Members to pay 100% of prescription after 2 refills
  • Termination of Blue Shield plan
  • Permanent 2 tier wage and benefit system
  • Retirees to contribute 30% a month of all benefit coverage
  • Members to pay 30% of monthly dental premiums. On July 24 we had a membership meeting, where the Bargaining committee said the company was till holding to these proposals. Their opinion was that we should accept no concessions because the company is doing very well. The meeting was basically a strike rally. The International negotiators were oppose to our Barg. Com. putting out the flyer informinig the membership of the company's proposals, but they did it anyway, and the membership appreciated that. Our contract expires Aug. 6 at 2 am. The company may still back down. But it looks certain that if they maintain these demands, we will be seriously on strike. We are asking the Alameda County Central Labor Council for strike sanction. More later, Caroline Lund Barry and Caroline lundshep@comcast.net

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