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The Cost Of SEIU 250 Labor Management Partnership
By Dina Padilla

Kaiser and SEIU 250 established a Labor Management Partnership back in 1992 for the betterment of the employees. Many older employees were horribly harassed and workloads were deliberately increased starting after the strike of 1986 where the outcome was a two-tiered system.

Along with that, grievance after greivance were filed by me and a few other union stewards who really cared about their co-workers on workload and short staffing issues among other unsafe working place issues. All had been brought to the attention to the union including 7 suicides and 1 murder here in the Sacramento area. From the early 90's to date there have been around 80 older employees who were forced to file stress claims ( ones I know of) (the repetitive injuries were deliberately obscured in the stress claims which allows the employer to go back in to our histories to discredit those calim injuries and low ball the claims, starve stall and settle.) MOST OF THESE EMPLOYEES WERE LONG TERM EMPLOYEES WHO WERE AROUND 40, FEMALE, BLACK, INJURED AND long term UNION MEMBERS.

Most of them are on medicare and social security now because the employer did not give them their benefits and medical care because we were then sloughed off to the taxpayer public secter programs. A sure thing when the employer and union know to fail to insure your benefits. Kaiser committed malpractice against them by denying care both as an employee as promised in the CBA and also while on workers compensation which was the vehicle to rid Kasier of the older and better benefited employees. This was a preconcerted and premeditated act by both the union and KAISER BECAUSE THE CBA language stated very clear (so did the union, but did not enforce the CBA language) that younger employees go first in a RIF situation like a downsizing.

According to a SEIU attorney and and a Kaiser attorney in 1996, in federal court, that this was happening across the United States with other unions so therefore Kaiser DID NOT discriminate. SEIU and Kaiser CBA language was interpreted AND implemented by both the union and Kaiser to get rid of the employees after one year. The arbitrators went along with that CBA language even though both state and federal courts upheld the arbitrators decision that this was against public policy by the Surpeme Court's ruling of the Labor Code 132A. (because Kaiser was downsizing in the same years of the stress claims and firing them after 1 year or less which is a misdemeanor LC 132A in the State of Ca. The union attorneys SHOULD have been representing these injured employees from start to finish).

We paid unions dues for NO representation. We were the sacrificial lambs according to one union rep to make things better. That has yet not happened making life better for the employees. Although we do know NOW we were sacrificed for the union and Kasier to make more money.

In 1997, SEIU and Kaiser formed a PARTNERSHIP which lowered the lump sums of KAISER employees retirement to which SEIU oversees. The average retirement with the approval of the IRS AND GATT included two 3rd world countries to lower the lump sum payout to get employees to take their monthly stipend instead.

This is after many previous older employees were denied their retirements simply by the fact they weren't told of them when they were fired while on workers comp by either the union or Kaiser. That is SEIU and Kaiser's coveted prize (pension plans) besides their investments coming out of their worker comp self-insurance. The employees were over medicated by Kaiser doctors, terrorized by the worker comp system (no benefits, no medical care) and totally devastated by the abandonment and betrayal of the doctors they worked for, for many years.

Older employees who were grandfathered in the 1992 union CBA were to be given medial care and weren't. We have one woman who paid into Kaiser's Senior Advantage for over 7 years besides COBRA. Most could not afford COBRA, even though we were supposed to get free medical care. That was part of the promise to us from the Kasier employer and the Union SEIU 250 as part of the CBA AND EMPLOYEE WAGE PACKAGE.

Our disabilities both mental and physical are permanent where we'll never be able to work again. Since most of weren't offered Vocational Rehabilitation (unlimited amount for most fired employees), which was a foregone conclusion since we WOULD NOT EVER BE ABLE TO WORK AGAIN.

This was our reward for being loyal and diligent employees to Kaiser and union dues paying members to Local SEIU 250 and the internantional SEIU AND the Sacramento Labor Council. The Sacramanto Central Labor Council of 4 counties were told by me in the early 90's of all the harassement and stress claims. What they did then was only offer Kaiser to their employees because of budget constraints.

Now Kaiser Permanente will be the state Prison's doctors.( obviously they're not dying fast enough) even though Kaiser is known for hiring doctors that kill patients for profit! See Doctor Patel coming out of Australia, after 12 years with Kaiser Oregon via Kaiserpapers.org.

This is not what we want for National healthcare, Universal Healthcare, HSA or any kind of other medical care unless you believe in euthansia otherwise known as genocide!

Every universal healthcare in other countries are going bankrupt (cigarettes at 8 dollars a pack back in 1990 wasn't enough) are now legislating euthansia laws.

Dina Padilla
President of VOICES/B.E.S.T. Ca. Chapter


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