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From: joeybridget@aol.com
Date: 07/11/06

Stronger Union Leadership Needed.

    IT SICKENS me to see how weak our great Labor Movement has gotten over the last 30+ years. The Rank-in File must indeed share some of the responsibility for this, after all I can still remember looking with disgust at all those vote for Reagan bumper stickers in the parking lot. Our pathetic Union Leadership however deserves most of the blame. UAW President Ron Getfinger sold the Retirees down the river and allowed GM to take $21.00 from our modest pensions. He then signed a Deal wheras he and 50% of his LapDog International Reps got an additional $30,000 retirement bonus plus full heath care and two pensions.
    Ron Getfinger and his Ilk, are no better than the greedy Corporatists they conspire with. Pathetic!

Joseph S. Guadagno, UAW 774 Retired

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