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The Union of the Unemployed in Iraq - UUI

SUNDAY AUG.3, 2003 - YESTERDAY night at 11:30 p.m., the U.S forces have arrested Qasim Hadi and 54 others of the leadership and members of the Union.

The Union of the Unemployed in Iraq has been continuing a Sit-In Protest yesterday, for the fifth day in a row, when the U.S troops arrested them for the second time.

The Union of the Unemployed in Iraq strongly condemns and denounces the arrest of its 55 members. It announces its determination to continue its protest until its demands are addressed and met.

We appeal to all international organizations, all workers unions and humanitarians to strongly condemn the arrest of our members and to demand the immediate release of all the arrested unconditionally and to support the union's demands.

Our Union will do its best to expose the practices of the U.S., as an occupying force in Iraq, and its indifference to the agony of the masses in Iraq.

We call upon all media outlets to meet with our arrested people (who have been detained at the old Presidential Palace) in order to cover the suppressive practices of the U.S. forces in Iraq.

Union of the Unemployed in Iraq - UUI *************************************************************************************** If you need any info. Please contact Mahmood Ketabchi at mekchi@msn.com

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