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Ray Quan
Vice President
SEIU 790 BART Chapter

2 August 2004

Mr. Frank Davis, Owner
Ben Davis Inc.
21 Pimentel Court
Novato, CA  94949

Dear Mr. Davis:

I have been a mechanic for over 30 years, the last 23 at the Bay Area Rapid Transit District. For almost my whole career as a mechanic, I have worn Ben Davis work clothes.  I have always appreciated the quality of your products.

However, some time ago I noticed a subtle change in your label.  For years your product said "Union Made."  But some time ago, your company switched from saying "Union Made" to "USA Made." At that point I stopped buying your clothes.  I have been a union mechanic throughout my career. Unions provide workers with a better standard of living and benefits that non-union workers do not enjoy.  And I strongly believe in supporting companies that are unionized because they provide decent wages and benefits to their workforce.

Recently, I received a flyer from a coalition of labor and community groups stating that your company was demanding concession from your workforce and threatening to move your factory overseas.  Please be aware of the following.  Currently I am the elected Vice-President of the BART Chapter of SEIU Local 790, representing some 1,500 maintenance and clerical workers.  Our Local represents almost 30,000 workers in the Bay Area.  I will personally lobby to encourage our members to never buy any work clothes that your company manufactures unless you negotiate a fair contract with Ben Davis workers.  Further, I will ask SEIU Local 790 to take the same position and call for a boycott of your products.  And finally, I will take the case to the three Bay Area Central Labor Councils and request that they follow suit.

Your company exists because the workers at Ben Davis produce quality products.  If you close down your plant and move it overseas, be prepared to find your customers there also.  Because you won't find any here in the Bay Area.

Yours truly,

Ray Quan,


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