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Justice For Kaiser Injured Workers and Consumers
Rally Friday September 2, 2005 12:00 Noon
Place:Kaiser Regional Administrative Offices Northern California
Date:Friday September 2, 2005
Time:12:00 Noon
Place:1950 Franklin St. Oakland, California

Protest By California Kaiser Injured Workers

Sponsored by California Workers Memorial Day, BEST CA Chapter-Advocacy 
for Injured Workers By Workers and others.

Kaiser which was formed 50 years ago is the largest HMO in the country 
and insures literally millions of working people. At the same time, 
Kaiser is self insured for the workers who are injured on the job. 
The California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day along with other 
organizations representing Kaiser injured workers are calling a 
statewide protest on the 2005 Labor Day weekend to demand justice 
for Kaiser's injured workers, the patients and the consumers. Kaiser 
has regularly fired injured workers, refused to compensate them, 
discriminated against workers who stand up for other workers and 
fought consumer who are trying to get justice for themselves or 
families. It has also covered up toxic gases and other deadly 
dangers in the hospitals.  Kaiser's monopoly control and power over 
the politicians and legislature has also prevented a full airing of 
the role it plays in our society.

For further Information, to provide information about your experience 
or to join this action please contact:
Dina Padilla
President of Voice-
President Advocate


For background information on injured Kaiser workers go to:

Dina Padilla  

Employed by Kaiser from 1985-1989 then terminated for being out on worker's
compensation and a SEIU 250 union dues paying member.

Employed by Kaiser again as new employee 1989-1992 and also a SEIU Local 250
union dues paying member.

Terminated 7-93 for being on workers compensation.

I became a union steward in 1986 after the 1986 strike which involved a 2
tiered pay wage and benefits package for new employees.

I was elected as an Executive Board member to the Sacramento Central Labor
council and also SCLC Recording Secretary.

Ran for  the SCLC Seccretary Treasurer in 1992.

In June of 1992 I went out on a stress leave with multiple RST injuries  and
continued my responsibilities as a union steward and continued to assist
Kaiser employees with their work related problems including them being fired for
being on workers comp. These employees were  the older top tiered, females,
black, union members and now disabled by the employer through the worker comp

I started a support group called B.E.S.T.(Battered Employee Support Team) in
1992 for the Kaiser employees which evolved to another group VOICES in year
2000,  from Florida who also assist Floridian injured workers . VOICES is a
national organization!.

I am also a KPRC Board member since 2003 for patients that have been hurt and
killed by Kaiser.

To date I have assisted about 80 ex and current employees for their worker
compensation  and it's benefits,  employment law cases including retirement and
disability pensions, medical coverage, life insurance, social security. I also
have assisted in emotional support and some financial supprt. I  really am
doing the  work of a union rep and many other occupations including state and
federal agencies who have failed these employees.

I also assist other employees with the same problems from other employees and
who have had problems with the insurance carriers, like, Kaiser, CNA, SCIF
and many others.

This had been a 19 year struggle for injured workers.

Dina Padilla
7564 Watson  Way
Citrus Heights, Ca. 95610

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