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Meredosia, Ill Boilermakers Need Support

WORKING AMERICA HAS ENCOUNTERED an adversary that has grown to epidemic proportions lately. The new monster is insurance. The rising cost of medical insurance has been talked about frequently over the last decade. Gains in medical breakthroughs have been offset by the prohibitive costs of prescriptions, tests and surgeries. The average worker who blindly followed his doctor's orders must now be an informed consumer who questions which drugs he needs based on whether they are formulary or brand name. Gone are choices - now we are at the mercy of the insurance companies who dictate our medical coverage. Just when we've become accustomed to these new guidelines, another monkey wrench is thrown in.

Boilermaker's Local 484 was asked to sign their new contract without even knowing what insurance coverage they were agreeing to. When they asked for details, they were locked out!

This isn't a random instance. Many speakers at the National Rank and File Conference held in Chicago recently related harrowing tales of employment woes they endured after suffering medical problems. The common thread of these tales is the lack of union support in the quest for justice.

Unions need to stand together and demonstrate their solidarity while we are still able to. Every local and all members should show support of Boilermakers Local 484 PO Box 258 Meredosia, IL 62665 217-584-1916 www.boilermakers484.org

The employer website is http://www.celanese.com/ - send them an e-mail let your voice be heard. GET INVOLVED BEFORE YOU TOO ARE OUT OF WORK!

Submitted by Sue Smith rickandsue@fbconnectu.net

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