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Special Meeting
Labor Media &
Report Back On The AFL-CIO Convention

Presentations by
KPFA Labor Collective Members who went to Chicago &
Steve Stallone ILWU Communications Director
& President Elect International Labor Communications Association (ILCA)

Join members of the KFPA Labor Collective and ILCA president elect Steve
Stallone as they report back on the recent AFL-CIO convention in Chicago.
There will be and audio and video presentation as well as discussion. Four
members of the KPFA Labor Collective went to Chicago to record the historic
convention. ILCA President Elect Steve Stallone will also discuss new
initiatives of the ILCA.
There will also be a report on the national Pacifica Labor Programming on
and around the AFL-CIO convention. You can find out more about this by going
to http://pacifica.org/programs/State_of_Labor_2005/

Sunday August 28, 2005 1:00 PM
New College Theater
777 Valencia St./19th St. San Francisco, CA
Free Admission

KPFA Labor Collective
KPFA Labor Collective Box 69
1929 MLK Drive Berkeley, CA 94704

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