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From: "Zwarich" arm@americanrm.org
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005

Searching for Labor's Third Voice

Anyway?..I'm avidly looking for ideas that address these questions, which I'm sure are out there somewhere. But if a person who is looking as intently as I am can't find them, you can be pretty sure that the common 'rank and file' citizen-members of unions, let alone the general public, are probably not being properly exposed to these ideas and answers.

One way to approach this would be to undertake a research survey of all existing Labor resources. I came across a cross-referenced 'Labor Directory' on the Labor Net site, which listed a huge number of unions, union locals, associations, etc. Man o man......what a piece of work that is! These are mostly active links directly to organization web sites. I began to go down this list, and I didn't even get past the 'A's' before I had come across many resources that seem ripe for exploitation.

The idea here is that we should do a comprehensive survey of all existing resources that are currently available but are not being used. If we went down the Labor Net directory (to mention just one resource) from top to bottom, and took the time to establish contact with any element we could find, any person, any officer, any local, that seemed likely to be sympathetic to our message, wouldn't that go a ways toward beginning to "form regional and national networks with counterpart bodies elsewhere"?

Or has this already been done? Is our Third Voice actually being heard, and I'm just listening in all the wrong places?

I'll shut the ole pie hole here, and see if I get any feedback.


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