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Join the San Francisco Labor Council
for the National Immigrant March...

No Displacement!
No Deportation!

Legalization for All!

Labor Day. September 4th. 10am
justin herman plaza, embarcadero

labor meets with day laborers at the end of market street, next to the Hyatt!
wear your union t-shirts & bring your union banners!

This Monday will be the first nationally coordinated protest in support of immigrants' rights since the historic marches this last Spring. Join other unions in the Bay Area in a contingent with DAY LABORERS as we march for the rights of all workers! Also, join us to support women like the undocumented activist Elvira Arellano in Chicago who is facing deportation hearing DESPITE the fact that she has a seven-year-old son who was born here in the U.S. Let's fight to keep families together!

Also, please note that the Bay Bridge will be closed going Eastbound the weekend of Labor Day, so please plan accordingly!

MARCH with us to stop:
All of the anti-immigrant bills
The militarization of the border
The criminalization of immigrant communities
The guest worker program
The exploitation of hotel and restaurant workers

MARCH with us to demand:
Amnesty/legalization for undocumented immigrants
Immigrant family reunification
Unconditional citizenship
Labor rights and living wages for all workers
Full equality for all immigrants

For more information call the San Francisco Labor Council at 415.440.4809.

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