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Stop the Department of Homeland Security from using SSA No-Match letters to attack all workers!

From: Christopher Punongbayan chrisp@filipinos4action.org

PLEASE TAKE ACTION BELOW to fight new workplace rules that threaten immigrant workers.
If anyone has any questions about this, please ask me!

Christopher Punongbayan
Advocacy Director
Filipinos for Affirmative Action
310 8th Street Ste 306, Oakland, CA 94607

510-465-9876 Ext 304, 510-465-7548 fax


From: Hillary Ronen hillary@lrcl.org
Date: Monday, July 31, 2006

Hi friends,

As you might be aware, the Department of Homeland Security has proposed new regulations governing the responsibility of employers that receive social security no-match letters. Previously, the only responsibility an employer had when he or she received a letter was to give it to the worker so the worker could look into and correct the problem. The new regulations would expose employers to liability if they do not fire a worker who does not fix the social security no-match. This will have a disastrous effect on workers and will likely lead to many unjust firings.

The community of immigrant rights advocates has developed a strategy of flooding DHS with e-mails and letters so they are forced to respond to our concerns. Please see below for many quick ways to submit your comments. In order for this strategy to work, we need to get everyone we know to submit comments as individuals and on behalf of their organizations.

Thanks so much for your help!

Hola amigos,

Como a lo mejor ya saben. el departamento de seguridad del pais ("DHS") ha hecho una propuesta para cambiar las reglas sobre cuales son las responsibilidades de patrones que reciban cartas de notificacion de datos que no concuerdan de la oficina del seguro social ("No-match letters"). Antes, la unica responsibilidad de un patron era entregar la carta al trabajador para corregir el problema. Las reglas nuevas requerian que los patrones despidan un trabajador que no arregle el problema. Las nuevas reglas causaran un disastre para los trabajadores y causaran despedidos injustos.

La comunidad de aliados de los inmigrantes ha desarollado una estrategia de inundar al DHS con e-mails y cartas para que ellos tengan que responder a nuestras preocupaciones. Por favor, vean abajo para maneras rapidas de entregar sus comentarios. Para que esta estrategia funcione, necesitamos que todos entregan comentarios como individuales y para sus organizaciones.

Gracias por su ayuda!


Reject Unjust Immigration Regulations:
Stop the Department of Homeland Security from using SSA "no-match" letters to attack all workers!

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued proposed immigration rules that would have a disastrous effect on all workers and our economy.
Under the proposed rule, employers could be held liable for violating immigration law if they continue to employ workers who receive notification that the name and social security number they gave their employer does not match the Social Security Administration's (SSA) records (otherwise known as an SSA "no-match" letter) - despite the numerous legitimate reasons for a "no match." This may prompt panicked employers to fire thousands of workers before workers have a chance to resolve the discrepancy. For more information about the proposed rule, see "SSA "No-Match" Letters and DHS's Proposed Rules".

We must fight back! Public comments are due to DHS by Monday, August 14, 2006. We need to bombard DHS with the message that these regulations will -

  • Lead to discrimination, abuse, and unlawful mass firings that will harm all workers;
  • Promote an underground economy that punishes "good" employers who play by the rules while actually providing more incentive to employers who continue to exploit undocumented workers; and
  • Ignore the reality that the SSA "no-match" letter is ill-suited as a worksite enforcement tool, and that comprehensive immigration reform is the only way to create a workable solution.

    Please take a moment out of your day to help defend the rights of ALL workers!

    How individuals can fight the proposed regulations

    • Spend one minute sending an electronic comment to DHS at http://seiuaction.org/campaign/immigration_dhs_regulations.
    • Spend two minutes printing out a flyer and mailing it to DHS.
    • Spend 10 seconds forwarding this alert to your friends and family!
    How organizations and unions can fight the proposed regulations

  • Widely distribute flyers to send to DHS to your members or network.
  • Ask your members or network to submit electronic comments to DHS at http://seiuaction.org/campaign/immigration_dhs_regulations
  • Send comments opposing the regulations. Please copy model comments onto your letterhead and include information about your organization and your experience with SSA no-match letters. Please also forward to organizations in your state.
  • Tell the media why these regulations are bad for all workers. Use our media talking points to reach out to the press to tell workers' stories.
  • Introduce a resolution in your city. The Santa Fe, New Mexico City Council has introduced a resolution (see draft) stating that the city will not take adverse action against any city employee who receives a no-match letter. The resolution passed the Finance committee unanimously, and the full City Council will vote on it tonight. Use this resolution as a model in your city.
  • Send stories of workers who have been unlawfully fired because their employer received a no-match letter. These examples are powerful and will help demonstrate the negative impact that SSA no-match letters have had on all workers. If you have a story, please send it to Jennifer Lai at NILC, lai@nilc.org 213-639-3900 ext 123.

    For more information, please contact:
    Tyler Moran, National Immigration Law Center,
    Ana Avendaņo, AFL-CIO, 202-637-3949
    Amy Sugimori, National Employment Law Project, 212-285-3025 x302
    Sarita Gupta, Jobs with Justice, 202-393-1044 x227 (as a resource for actions that people can take in response to the proposed rule)


    DHS Proposed Rules: "Safe Harbor Procedures for Employers Who Receive A No-Match Letter" 71 FR 34281-85 (June 14, 2006)

    Summary of U.S. Dept. Of Homeland Security Proposed Rules, "Safe Harbor Procedures for Employers Who Receive A No-Match Letter."

    "SSA 'No Match' Letters: Top Ten Tips for Employers."

    "SSA 'No-Match' Letters and DHS's Proposed Regulations: What Advocates Should Know."

    "Tool Kit for Organizers: Social Security Administration's (SSA) 'No-Match' Letters."

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