Stop Selling Off Our Public Resources & Services!

November 23 (Sunday), 2003
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park
at 9th Ave. & Lincoln, San Francisco

THE THREAT OF privatization and contracting out of work is growing at a
rapid rate. The plan of the Bush administration to privatize 850,000
federal jobs and the ongoing  privatization of thousands of jobs in San
Francisco and the Bay Area must be confronted. From the San Francisco
Presidio, the Edison Project in the schools, the U.S. Postal Service, Air
Traffic Controllers, Golden Gate Park, UC-SF and a myriad of other areas,
labor and our communities are under attack. NAFTA and the FTAA enforce
these policies and the WTO/IMF & World Bank are actively pushing to
implement them in every country of the world.

At present, most working people and members of the public are unaware of
the real dangers of privatization, contracting out and deregulation. We
need to begin to build a national campaign that unites not only all of
labor but the communities. In San Francisco at the Golden Gate Park,
gardeners are being replaced by volunteers. Millionaire William Hellman is
pushing city planners out of McClaren Lodge and replacing them with high
paid consultants. At the US post office, non-union Federal Express is now
moving more of the mail and destroying postal jobs.

The Bush administration with the support of the Congress has now eliminated
labor rights for 170,000 Federal workers, and is contracting out tens
of  thousands of military jobs as well as air traffic controllers, National
Park rangers and a myriad of other positions. Millionaire Donald Fisher who
is on the Board of the Presidio and the State Board of Education has been
pushing the Edison Project and other plans to privatize the schools as well
as the parks. In the city of San Francisco, the Zoo has been privatized and
laundry operations at Laguna Honda hospital are threatened with
privatization. Even in Stockton, water privatization has been threatened by
OMI Thames. Gov. Schwarzenegger has demanded major wage cuts of state
employees or he threatens to contract out thousands of jobs to his
corporate pals. We want your reports at the conference so we can arm
ourselves in the up coming struggles.


9:00 AM     Registration
9:30 AM     Introductions & Greetings
9:45 AM     Key Note Speaker-Jill Wynns
10:15 AM     The Federal Workforce
11:45 AM     City Workers Under Attack
1:00 PM     Lunch
2:00 PM     State Workers - Deregulation  & contracting out
3:50 PM     Consumers & The Public -Who pays the cost
4:45 PM     Goals & Plan For Action
5:30 PM     Adjourn

(Partial List)

Jill Wynns - Member SF Board of Education*
Eugene Coyle - Economist
Dan Berman - Author "Who Owns The Sun
Mark Loy - SEIU 1000 PUC*
Louis Garcia - President- AFGE 3899
Michael Lyons - Emergency Coalition to Save Public Health
Steve Willis - Alliance For Golden Gate Park
Bob Marsh - Western Reg. VP National  Air Traffic Controllers Union*
Carl Bryant - NALC 214*
Mike Crahan - LIUNA 1141 SF Presidio*
Charles Minster - LIUNA 216*
Mary Ann Ring - SF CUE UCSF*
Terry McDevitt - Golden Gate Park Gardener, LIUNA 216*
Jim Jontz - ADA
Robert Frank - Brotherhood Of Locomotive Engineers

* For identification only

Endorsed by:

SF Labor Council, LIUNA Local 1141, SEIU 790, NALC 214, Public Citizen,
Alliance For Golden Gate Park, Labor Video Project, AFGE Local 3899,
Campaign Against Taft-Harley, Repression & Privatization,   Open World
Conf. In Defense of TU Independence & Democratic Rights, Public Citizen,
Americans For Democratic Action, Brotherhood Of Locomotive Engineers, Peace
And Freedom Labor Committee, Labor Action Coalition

Campaign Against Taft-Hartley, Repression and Privatization
P.O. Box 15086 San Francisco, CA 94115

For information about the conference contact
Carltv214@aol.com, lvpsf@labornet.igc.org, gata@infinex.com
(415)556-4162 (415)282-1908

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