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Publicity in US for Indonesians
Dear Mr We are an NGO in Indonesia, and right now we advocating a labour union named SBMI (Serikat Buruh Medan Independen) or Medan Independen Labour Union. We face a very difficult problem right now. One company in north sumatera, Indonesia that produce latex glove for medical consumer. The company fire about 800 labour without any cause. firstly, forteen employee try to formed a labour union in that company. The management and the owner really refuse the labour union because they very strict about the movement. then the management fire the fourteen labourers. base on solidarity, about 800 labour made protest since 9th August 2004 until now. But the company are very rigid. They use gangsers and policemen to intimidate and make harmful action, and that action couse several labur injured. As far we know, PT Shamrock Manufacture Corporation base in Ohio Texas. We hope this information would continuing to your labor net in US. We really want this case finish fast, because the 800 labour did't work anymore. for further information, please visit out website: www.pkps.org, but most of it in indonesian. sicerelly Tua hasiholan hutabarat

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