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SFLC Supports AMFA Strikers

The following resolution was passed on 9/12/05 by the San Francisco Labor Council

Whereas, as a result of outsourcing and deregulation, airline workers have faced continued attacks on their wages and conditions and,

Whereas, the danger of outsourcing has led to a growing health and safety problem in the airline industry and,

Whereas, the employers in collusion with the government have also used the bankruptcy laws to eliminate pensions and have caused airline workers to be whipsawed against one another and,

Whereas, the future of organized labor and our youth is threatened by massive outsourcing of more and more skilled jobs and,

Whereas, the North West Airlines has spent over $100 million and worked over 18 months to prepare to fire and replace the unionized mechanics represented by AMFA and,

Whereas, this airline has refused to bargain in good faith and has sought to cover-up a growing safety danger and,

Whereas, the defeat of this union could be similar to the PATCO defeat during the Reagan administration,

Therefore be it resolved this council supports the efforts of the NWA-AMFA workers to win a decent contract and calls on our members not to fly NWA, to help support the picket line and to support in any way we can their strike including a donation to their strike fund.

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