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From: "NodongNet" international@nodong.net
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004

Greetings from LaborNet in South Korea

Dear Comrades,

Greetings from LaborNet in South Korea. We would like to express our deep solidarity!

LaborNet Korea has done many works to develop ICT and Media activities for worker's movement and labor unions in South Korea.

Now, we are going to launch "Internet Labor Broadcasting" service on October 20th. The website URL is http://cast.nodong.net

We will provide videos and films to cover the workers' struggle and demand. Through this activities, we will report the voices of workers and people who is ignored by the capital and authorities. Furthermore, we are preparing worldwide news service.

For a time, the website of LaborNet Korea has not been well-managed, but throught the website of "Internet Labor Broadcating", we will refresh our internet activities. And in 2005, we will establish an English website for Korean Labor Movement.

We will very appreciate if you send us "congratulatory and solidarity remark" for launching our "Internet Labor Broadcasting". The remark can be text message. And we welcome video clips. All of these messages will be uploaded our new internet broadcasting website.

If you need FTP address of streaming server to upload your solidarity video clips, please contact us. We will provide our streaming service to labornets in other countries for free. Also If you want to use our service, please contact us.

In Solidarity,

LaborNet in South Korea

LaborNet in S.Korea 'NodongNet'

Tel.(82-2)2672-3891   http://www.nodong.net   E-mail: labornet@nodong.net

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