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Jobs are being outsourced to out of state contractors at the Valero Refinery
  • Hundreds of workers from other states have recently been trained by the Bay Area Training Corporation (BATC) to work in this area. This seems to contradict the Valero "Good Neighbor Agreement"
  • Money paid to an out of state workforce will most undoubtedly be sent out of state
  • This will displace revenue from local businesses that rely on the citizens of the community for continued operation
  • We are Refractory Masons living in this area and throughout Northern California
  • Refractory Masons line the boilers, benzene tanks, acid tanks, and catalytic crackers
  • This is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and poses the greatest health risk to Refractory Masons
  • We work in one of the most carcinogenic environments in the world
  • We were recently tested for silicosis and asbestos, and many of our members have tested positive for early stages
  • We are proud of the work we do and have no complaints
  • We are hard working and diligent in our craft
  • We live in the communities of Northern California, pay taxes here, and deal with the high cost of living, such as housing, gas, milk, etc.
  • We refuse to allow Valero to outsource our jobs to out of state contractors who do not support the local communities.
  • The oil companies have posted record profits in recent years their greed is deplorable and disrespectful
  • Many of us are veterans who have defended this country proudly.
  • We are prepared to defend our standard of living for ourselves and our families
  • We humbly and respectfully ask the community for support
  • Contact your local community leaders, such as the Community Advisory Panel, City Council, County Supervisors, Assemblypersons, Congressperson and Senators. Justice through unity Respectfully, The men and women of BAC Local 3, James C. Bresnahan, President BAC Local 3 8400 Enterprise Way, Room 103 Oakland, CA 94621 PH: 510-632-8781 x 13 FX: 510-632-8261 Richard@bac3-ca.org

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