Rank and File Meeting for UAW Members Concerned about their Future

UAW Local 1231 Union Hall
(The former GM/Delphi Local that is about to close)
4629 Alpine NW, Comstock Park
Grand Rapids,MI

Sunday, November 6, from 2 - 5pm.

Let's meet, exchange ideas, and formulate a strategy of action to defend our interests. Together we have the power to demand the respect we deserve.

What can we do? Should we strike? Should we try an inside strategy? Shall we roll over and play dead?

There is no one answer that fits all locations. We don't assume to know what the right answer is, but together we can determine the best course of action for our locations and our circumstances. Together, we can fight and win.

All active and retired UAW members are welcome whether they work for Delphi or another automotive company. We appreciate all the input and support we can get. Some of the old timers may be able to guide us with the wisdom of their experience. Some of the young workers may be able to guide us with energy and enthusiasm.

This meeting is of the people, by the people, for the people. This meeting will not be commandeered by an International appointee, or local union official. We are all leaders.

All rank and file UAW members are welcome. The Press will not be allowed into the meeting, but no member will be prohibited from speaking to the Press afterward. We have nothing to hide.

Sponsored by the rank and file donations.

For more information call 616-451-4401 or email staysolid@aol.com