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S. California Carpenters' Effort To Raid IUPAT Lathers
Leads To Backlash

By Steve Zeltzer

Hundreds of AFL-CIO building trades workers rallied against efforts of the United Brotherhood Of Carpenters UBC in Southern California to raid the painters' drywall finishing work.

A biting flyer with cartoons was posted on the website of the State Building and Construction Trades, Council of California, AFL-CIO, entitled "You Deserve Better Than Being A Carpenter, Carpenter Leaders are SCABS!!!
The flyer goes on to say that "Only the privileged few get higher pension benefits. Carpenter Apprentices pay 2 times the dues. Carpenters have no right to vote on Contracts! Carpenters have no right to vote on Agents.
Ask a Lather what happens when you join the Carpenters - They cut their wages/Vacation and lost their pension!
Carpenter's Raid Attempt Crushed - Details ...
You Deserve Better - Flyer

This mobilization by the State building trades is in response to a provocative effort of UBC President Doug MacCarron and his supporters to set up a massive training school in Las Vegas to train electricians, iron workers and painters who will compete at lower wages with other skilled crafts.

According to a SBCTC bulletin on October 11, 2006 "Carpenters business agents in groups of 10 to 15, some from as far away as Colorado and Utah, had been going to job sites to try to persuade about 1,500 drywall finishers in Painters and Allide Trades District Council 36 to vote 'no' on the four year contract, which gave them a significant raise.

"The vote to ratify the contract as held Saturday morning in Buena Park, San Diego and Bakersfield, and the Carpenters had intended to leaflet the Painters Union voters on the way to the ratification meeting. But when they saw hundreds of building trades union members rallying in support of the contract and carrying anti-Carpenter Union signs, they just kept driving." Grant Mitchell, Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 36, expressed his thanks for the great show of solidarity to all the unions that supported the Painters.

McCarron who joined with SEIU president Andy Stern in the new federation Change To Win has sought to ingratiate himself with not only President Bush but also like Stern attended a healthcare conference in Los Angeles hosted by California Governor Arnold Schwartzenneger. This was followed up by Mike McCarron, executive secretary-treasurer of the Southwest Carpenters representing 60,000 carpenters endorsing the union busting governor.

"The carpenters union has shown no courage with this endorsement," said Robert L. Balgenorth, president of the Building and Construction Trades Council of California. San Diego Union October 3, 2006

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