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Selling Out 104 Years Of IBT-GCIU4n History

On October 29, 2006 Local 4N membership voted on a contract that was supposedly a Hearst Corporation/Chronicle last and final offer. I made the following speech and got quite a bit of applause. I also handed out flyers before the meeting that outlined what the membership would be giving up and what Local IBT 853 Rome Aloise had got for his members after sneaking behind the backs of the Conference of Newspaper Unions. The final vote was 54 against and 51 in favor.

If we ratify this contract we have sold out 104 years of Local 4 history. This is a shutdown agreement contract. In 3 years we are finished. Our only choice is to VOTE NO! If you vote yes you are virtually agreeing on a contract that is as bad as implemented conditions!

I donšt believe they will implement conditions. If they do it will put pressure on Local 853 IBT Secretary Treasurer, Rome Aloise, GCC President George Tedeschi, GCC Negotiator, Sony Shannon and GCC/IBT President James Hoffa for there failure to back our Union.

They want this to go away. This has a chance to blowup in there face. Can you imagine the outcry if the Company started screwing us around. Payroll would be a mess if they tried to send people home halfway through their shift. It would be such a mess. Like I said before it will be like a monkey trying to fuck a football. People are getting fed up with the idea of a country for and by the Corporations rather than the people. There is a war going on in this country and its not in Iraq. If you sign this contract it is the end. If they implement and things donšt work out as they thought they would there is nothing to prevent the company from negotiating with the Union. You live to fight another day. There are a lot of labor unions that have an interest in what is happening with us. If this fly's it will be a blue print on how to break Unions. We will be sent back into the 30s. The worse the conditions get the better off we will be. This is San Francisco not Detroit. We can go on a subscription cancellation campaign. Let people know how we are being treated. Go to GCC/IBT conferences to let the rank and file know what our International representatives have done to us. If this were the Military these people would be tried for treason! With a resounding NO vote we send a message to Vega that he has a Big problem we tell GCIU International reps to tell Hoffa to reel in his teamster officers. GCIU members will not be used as a sacrificial lamb in order for other teamster locals to benefit. We order Tadeschi to tell Hoffa to get his ass down to 5th and Mission with a set of BALLS and tell Vega, the Teamsters, meaning all Teamsters, mailers, and drivers that they will be backing there brothers and sisters in solidarity. That's all Tedeschi and Hoffa keep saying in the Graphic communicator and teamster magazine is that we will organize the unorganized and that there is strength in numbers. We are a stronger union now that we GCIU members are united with the teamsters. Vega is being told we will not get strike sanction and that a strike will not happen. Now how are you supposed to have any strength at the bargaining table. Matter of fact he is more than likely being told that the drivers and mailers would go through our picket line anyway. Unless I'm mistaken we were better off when we were not teamsters.

Please turn this contract down and tell Hoffa to get it together or this thing will blowup in his face. Live to fight another day. We demand no more or no less than Local 853.

Bruce Carlton
GCC/IBT Local 4N outreach member


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