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Want to win next time?
Help workers who want to join unions.
Matt Witt

IF MORE WORKING people were in unions, George W. Bush would not be president.

As union members, working people have experiences that make them more 
likely to stick together to take on corporate interests and vote based on 
economic issues.

Overall, while the actual vote if counted fairly was somewhere around 50-50 
between Bush and Kerry, the vote among union members was 65-33.

In the battleground states where unions focused most attention, Kerry won 
among union members by 37% -- compared to Gore's 27% margin in 2000.

The following shows the advantage (or deficit) for Kerry comparing union 
members and all voters.  Since the "Public" includes union members too, an 
actual comparison of union members vs. people not in unions would be even 
more dramatic.

Kerry advantage or deficit compared to Bush

                          Union members               Public
All voters                    +32                      -3
White men                     +21                      -25
White women +35               -11
Gun owners                    +12                      -27
Non-gun owners                +50                      +14
Seniors                       +41                      -5
Weekly church                 +12                      -22
Married women                 +29                      -11

Hart Research, November, 2004

National polls consistently show that between 43% and 50% of workers who 
don't have a union would form one if they didn't face opposition from their 

A Cornell University study showed that more than 80 percent of employers 
facing unionization instruct supervisors to meet one on one with the 
employees whose assignments, schedules, and chances for promotion they 
control and to make clear to them that support for the union is not acceptable.

Unions are working hard to shine a light on these practices and convince 
employers not to interfere with workers' freedom to form a union.

If you want to see progressive change in America, one practical step you 
can take is to actively support workers' right to form a union without 
employer intimidation.

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