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Labor at the Crossroads:
Competing Visions, Alternative Strategies,
and the Future of the U.S. Labor Movementa conference organized by

the Queens College Labor Resource Center and its journal New Labor Forum

Thursday, December 2nd and Friday, December 3rd, 2004

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

City University of New York, Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue (bet 34 & 35 streets) New York City


on Organizing, Politics, the New Economy, Globalization and Labor's Revival

† † 
  • Leaders from four of the nation's largest international unions (Bruce Raynor, Leo Gerard, Larry Cohen, Gerry Hudson) and dozens of regional and local labor organizations (Brian McLaughlin, Miguel Contreras, Edgar Romney, Tom Woodruff, †Barbara Bowen, Arthur Cheliotes, May Chen, Hector Figueroa, Julie Kushner, Bob Masters, Brenda Stokely) † †
  • Union activists and staff (Karen Ackerman, Stewart Acuff, Ron Blackwell, Teresa Casertano, Steve Early, Jeff Hermanson, Thea Lee, Josť La Luz, Stephen Lerner, Bob Muehlenkamp, Ed Ott, Diane Savino, Nick Unger) † †
  • Labor educators (Elaine Bernard, Kate Bronfenbrenner, Jeff Grabelsky, Lois Gray, Ruth Milkman, Kim Moody, John Russo, Katie Quan) and prominent scholars and authors (Stanley Aronowitz, Jeremy Brecher, Lisa Duggan, Frances Fox-Piven, Nelson Lichenstein, Adolph Reed, Andrew Ross, Phil Thompson, Mike Zweig) † †
  • Social change and human rights activists (Charlie Kernaghan, Medea Benjamin, Orlando Greene, Bill Fletcher) and journalists (Juan Gonzalez, Liza Feathersone, Harold Meyerson, JoAnn Wypijewski) AND OVER 100 SPEAKERS Early Registration at discounted rate available only through November 24th, so click www.futureoflaborconference.org to reserve your seat at what promises to be a historic event.

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