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Questions For UAW Regional Director 3 Mo Davison
& UAW President Gettelfinger
from UAW 364 Elkhart Striker Deneen Seigler

Mo Davison
Director Region #3, UAW
5850 Fortune Circle West
Indianapolis, IN 46241

November 16, 2006

Dear Brother Davison,

I AM RESPONDING to a letter you wrote to me on November 10, 2006. Thank you for answering my letter that I wrote to Ron Gettelfinger originally. In this letter I have some questions that I need to answer to.

Why id our local union officers do nothing about a food bank, bucket drops or other assistance needed by myself and 229 other striking workers? I personally brought this up at two (separate) union meetings. I was told by Rita Taylor Mallard (C.A.P.S. area representative) from our union that it was my job to go and help from area churches, salvation army and food stamps. After receiving no help, I began to look for outside of the union for help. Were my union officials misinformed of strike issues?

Why does it take you seven months to authorize an article to be in the Solidarity magazine? That is a very lengthy period with no mention of our strike. No mention was made to other unions or on your international web site. What I did find, is advertising our horns for sale from our plant.

We have brothers and sisters who are left out in the cold of winter, losing their homes and cars, not being able to pay their heating costs. How can a single parent riase their children on $200.00 a week? Is our strike the longest lasting in Indiana?s history? Are we the only plant in Indiana with this problem?

I heard from one of your associates in Michigan that there are 11 strikes going on with the Detroit office. What about the 56 people who are losing their jobs? I am one who is losing their job. I, nor the other 55 have received unemployment. My job was replaced September 27, 2006. Wheree is the the support of Mr. Davison? Where is the help to make sure we receive unemployment?

Mr. Davison, how can you say the union is working with the local union leadership? I went to pick up my check, Tuesday November 14, 2006, when I had to experience such difficulty in getting a letter typed up for other unions and businesses so they could donate to our strike fund. Brenda Hruby, Recording Secretary took the time to type the letter up, make ten copies and give them to Sue Sigman (Chair of our Community Service). Sue Sigman, Nancy Hence and I were trying to send letters out into the community. Then Brenda Hruby ripped them out of both Sue Sigman's hand and grabbed the letter out of my hand that I had positioned behind my back, Brenda then said the letter was not sanctioned. We asked her why she even typed the letter up, knowing it was not sanctioned? Other unions and a union hall in town that are willing to help will not help without this letter. Please remember it has been seven months still. Could you please explain to me, what you have done that is fair and equitable?

Conn-Selmer, division of Steinway Musical Instruments Incorporated has shut us out. I believe and have been told by employees that work for Workone in Bikhart, IN that Conn-Selmer went to Workone (unemployment place of business here in our town) and asked for their help. IF THE COMPANY MADE A MISTAKE WHEN RUNNING THEIR AD OF PERMANENT REPLACEMENT WORKERS WANTED, THAT IS THEIR FAULT. WHY SHOULD YOUR UNION BROTHERS AND SISTERS PAY THE PRICE FOR THEIR MISTAKE? They have 130 scabs and 22 people that have crossed the picket line from the last count I received from my union vice president Bob Allen.

I believe this strike has gone on long enough. Will you please help fight for us. We are your family too. Help us keep our jobs in America. If our jobs are going to end, then please tell Conn-Selmer to just simply pick up and move to China, NOW! Give us severence pay just like the union and Selmer, Main Street plant in Elkhart, Indiana agreed to do years ago (Local 612).


Your union sister,

Deneen Seigler

Cc: Ron Gettlefinger, Larry Foster

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