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A Letter to the Boss

From: Donald Wagner dwwagner1@verizon.net
Date: November 24, 2006

MY NAME is Don Wagner and I have been or was an employee of Vincent Bach for 21 years. Deneen Seigler suppested I send a copy of a letter I resently sent Dana Messina- CEO of steinway corp. These people are determaned to get rid of us all at the cost of ruining the company and everyones lives involved. We've been on strike for 8 months and he said we would never be back in there to work. Anyway that this could be publized would be appreciated. Attached is the copy I sent. Thank-you for taking the time to read this. They really would like to send everything to China. In the company we had over 4700 years of experience. Now they have none. They wanted to get rid of all the old people. there's at least 12 people that had over 40 years in there.

Thanks again.
Don Wagner- Elkhart, Indiana

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