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Dozens of Buenos Aires telephone workers occupied the main telephone exchange in the city and cut all international calls on December 1. the first day of the occupation. The occupation  also received support from other workers in the city. They are demanding a 50% wage increase. The average wage of a telephone worker in Argentina is about $375.00 a month. The web site of the union is www.foetrabsas.org

After a worker organized occupation of the two main telephone exchanges in Buenos Aires, telephone workers union FOETR announced that they have won a 20% wage increase. Although they were demanding a 50% salary increase this settlement is a major gain for them. Unlike most unionized workers in the United States the direct action by Argentinean workers is winning gains.


Phone workers
Agreement reached in conflict

After almost nine days of conflict, telecommunications workers union FOETRA yesterday accepted a proposal from Telecom and Telefónica de Argentina to grant them a 20-percent wage increase. However, they will go ahead with a planned strike until midday tomorrow, when a union assembly is due to formally approve the accord with the companies. FOETRA had called a 48-hour strike for tomorrow and Tuesday. "The agreement is a resounding victory for workers, who surely will agree and accept it on Monday¹s assembly," FOETRA union leader Osvaldo Iagarola said.

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