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Newsline: March 30, 2000

Fresno Media Workers Fight The "Mexican Wage"

Germany's New Identity - A Nation Of Immigrants

Hunger Strike at KFTV in Fresno

The Money In Testing

Does Project Censored Censor Labor News Stories?

Op-Ed: On Immigration, The AFL-CIO Gets It Right

Tosco Refinery: Corporate Murder or Murder for Profit?

AFL-CIO Work in Progress 03/27/2000

King County Loses Second Motion To Hide Unfair Labor Practices From Public Scrutiny

Newsline: March 9, 2000

Urgent Action Needed At British Nuclear Plant, Say Unions

King County Attempts To Censor Union

CFA To Hold Hearings In San Jose On Higher Education Crisis

Victory to the Charleston Longshoremen!

Yahoo! Cancels Banner Ads Placed by SEIU

Newsline: January 29, 2000

Can Workers Beat Globilization?

TEMCO Workers Choose UE; Reject Boss's Fear Campaign

Independent Unions In the 21st Century

Cosmic Doom Comics Explains the WTO for Workers

PRESERVING A RADICAL PAST book review - Saying No to Power, by Bill Mandel

Newsline: January 14, 2000

Who Stole Roosevelt's America?

WTO: Sea Turtles and Teamsters Together at last

Gore Endorsement: Is the Clinton Administration Soft on Union Corruption?

Del Monte Linked to Violence Against Workers

Decatur Struggles Haunt Illinois AFL-CIO Elections

International RSI Awareness Day * February 29, 2000

L.A. Trade Unionists Dog Daley and Gore on Trade Issues

Lawyers Seek Solidarity in the Fight to Organize

Sweatshop Victories from the Campaign for Labor Rights

Newsline: December 21, 1999

WTO: ILWU International President Brian McWilliams' speech for WTO labor rally

WTO: Wal-Mart & WTO: Globalizing Poverty

WTO: Labor Will Fight Hard to Keep China out of WTO

WTO: Amnesty International Calls for Inquiry of Police Abuses

WTO: Voices From the Streets of Seattle

Workers, Students, Activists Rout WTO

CANADA: Nickel Miners Dispute Settled

USA: AFL-CIO Work in Progress December 13, 1999

Newsline: December 9, 1999

WTO: Summit Ends in Failure!

WTO: Something Greater Yet to Come

WTO: Protesters Demand Release of Those Still Jailed

WTO: Party Time for Protestors as Summit Ends

WTO: Chaos May Cost Mayor and Police Chief Jobs

WTO: Eyewitness Report from Seattle

WTO: Chicago Anti-WTO Rally Report

WTO: Who is WTO Director General Michael Moore?

Newsline: November 30, 1999

On This Thanksgiving Day, Gratitude for the Harvesters

USA: Is Free Trade Making Hollywood a Rust Belt?

USA: Thousands Call for Cesar Chavez State Holiday

USA: AFL-CIO Work in Progress November 22, 1999

ICFTU Welcomes Korean Confederation of Trade Unions

ICFTU Campaign for Labour Rights in the WTO kicks off in Seattle

Newsline: November 22, 1999

Rightwing Empire Built on Garlic and a Busted Union

AFL-CIO Reverses Course on Immigration


KPFA Speakout Now on Video

Albert Einstein on Socialism (1949)

AFL-CIO Work in Progress 11/8/99

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