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Union-busting from Amazon to WalMart

US labor movement makes unusual progress

Greek Port Workers, Privatization, The Troika & Chinese Capitalism

Free Julian Assange NOW! SF Rally & Speak-out To Defend Julian Assange

Stop Anti Labor Union Busting Janis Decision Say Hundreds Of Unionists In SF

The Dirty Work Of Trump's FedEx VP Scott Mugno Nominated For OSHA Chief By Trump

Oakland Mayor Schaaf's Union Busting War On Labor-Time For A "General Strike"

LA Meeting Against Privatization And Charters

Anti-Fascist Berkeley Protest Stops Trump Supporters From Rallying

Technology, Workers and Silicon Valley

The Internet, Facebook, Defamation & Retaliation

San Francisco-Is Mark Zuckerberg Home?

CLEANING THE SWAMP-Hunters Point And Treasure Island Tetra Tech Workers Blow The Whistle On Criminal Cover-up & Corruption

Stop Union Busting At KQED-CWA NABET 51 Members Under Attack

Workers & Their Kids Speak Out In SF, Defend Workers & Immigrants

CWA AT&T Workers In California Rally Against Concessions & Contracting Out

The War On Workers And Worker Voices From Champaign, Illinois Labor Conference

BA Air Quality Management District Workers Fired For Exposing Destruction of Records-The Health Of the Bay Area Is At Stake Say Whistleblowers

Cover-up Blows Up At SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard "Clean-up" Meeting

SEIU 1021SF General A Hospital Healthcare Workers And Docs Protest Trump Agenda

ILWU 10 Members Speak Out On Trump, Capitalism & The Need For Workers Party

United Teachers Los Angeles UTLA Leaders and their charter Schools Connection

Labor Splits Over WCCSD Sale Of Adams Middle School to Beller Owned Caliber Charter School-WCCSD Votes No On Beller Caliber Sale

Fired CA CTC Whistleblower Kathleen Carroll's Lawyer Dan Siegel On Retaliation Witnesses & "Stalker"

Mexican "CNTE" Teachers Fight Repression, NAFTA & Privatization of Public Education

Report On Mass Repression Against Teachers In Mexico

SF Labor Council Demands An End To Deportations And Legalization of Undocumented Workers

San Francisco Solidarity With French General Strike

"You need national, single-payer, Medicare for All," Cecil Roberts, UMWA President

AFT Weingarten's Candidate Hillary Booed In NY By UFT Members For Lauding Union Busting Privatizer Gov Cuomo

FED UP! Chicago Teachers & Labor Rise Up To Defend Public Ed, Services & For Living Wages

IBT UAL SFO Solidarity Picket/Rally Joined By Jesse Jackson

Chicago Fired ATU 241 Exec Bd Member & Steward Bus Driver Erek Slater On Attack On Workers & Union

Labor, Internet Rights, Open Access, Zero Rating And Public Access-Is Facebook and The Corporate Internet Bringing A Free and Democratic Communication Network Globally?

IGF Brazil 2015 APC-LaborNet Interviews & Action On Internet Rights, Privacy and Commodification

CTA Bosses Fire ATU 241 Chicago Union Steward and Executive Board Member Erek Slater for Defending The Contract

The Formation Of The Mexican National Democratic Independent Union of Agricultural Workers, NAFTA And US Labor

OSHA Fails To Protects Whistleblowers & Retaliates Against OSHA Inspector

National Nurses United NNU Endorsement Meeting With Bernie Sanders-Questions and Answer

Driscolls, The Strike And Struggle For Labor & Human Rights At San Quintin, Baja Mexico By Agricultural Workers

Border Gridlock

"No Justice No Peace" Bay Area Workers & Unions Rally for $15 & A Union

Labor Musicians Sing Out At Richmond, CA Railroad Meeting

Fighting For Health & Safety And USW Oil Workers-Tesoro Carson USW 675 Member Eli Green Speaks Out

USW Striking Oil Workers And Supporters Speakout For Health And Safety At Tesoro Refinery

Shut It Down Now! Former Humboldt PG&E IBEW 1245 Nuclear Plant Technician Bob Rowen On Nuclear Power

Justice Now-MLK Oakland Rally/Workers & Community Demand Justice And An End To Privatization

NUMSA Gen Sec Irvin Jim On Fight For Socialism In South Africa-Report In NYC At SEIU 1199

Thousands March Against Racism/Police Attacks In SF "Black Lives" Matter

From Ferguson To SF And Alex Nieto With Adriana Camarena

Pablo Iglesias on reaching the working class

Dolores Huerta defends Democratic Party during convention in Sacramento and Slanders Critics of Democratic Party

Ironworkers Wildcat In San Francisco To Protest Contract Vote And Declining Wages And Benefits

Ironworkers Speakout On Wildcat At SF 222 2nd St. Project In San Francisco

Irish Workers And Unions Under Attack- Report By Irish Dublin Teacher Finn Geaney

Greyhound Workers Protest at Insource Staffing

ILWU Rank and File Back Picket Of Zim ship Piraeus At Port Of Oakland

Salinas Farm Workers, The UFWA And The Filipino Farmworkers In The 1930's

Picketlines Past and Present

Non-English Speaking Injured Workers Need Professional Interpreters

Job as a A Human Right

Conflicts Of Interest, Public Education, The AFT/NEA Corruption Through Non-Profits

Labor, Privatization And How To Defend Public Education: SF UPWA Forum

Adan Olea Robles, candidato para presidente del Local 11 UNITE-HERE

Australia: CFMEU union song

"We have nothing" The plight of migrant workers in Southern California

SA NUMSA Treasurer Maqungo Mphumzi Joins ILWU Local 10 On May Day 2014 Workers And The Struggle For Socialism In South Africa

Obama Shilling For Walmart-Labor Community Protests Union Busting Walmart In Silicon Valley

Why Aren't North American Workers More Militant?

Larry Hanley ATU Pres On The Attack On Public Transit, Transit Workers And The ATU


Taiwan: Thousands Including Workers Surround Parliament

ACI and Immigrant Workers

LaborFest Hawai'i 2013: Joe Burns-Reviving The Strike

David Michaels of OSHA and John Howard Of NIOSH Speak At National COSH Conference

UAL Teamster IBT Mechanics Picket At SFO For A Contract With Support Of AFA Flight Attendants

Civil Disobedience for the "Right to Remain" and an end to deportations

Stop The Bullying And Union Busting-UC AFSCME 3299 Workers Strike

Veolia Hands Off USW Local 8751 Boston School Bus Drivers

The Zombie Reform-S 744

WA State Sakuma Farm Workers Leader Ramon Torres Speaks To SF Labor Council

BART: Blood On Their Hands

Stop Concession Bargaining And No Contract No Work-BART Workers Solidarity Rally & March In Oakland

Battle Breaks Out Over Obama Care At 2013 AFL-CIO Convention

Immigrant Rights Activists Speakout At AFL-CIO 2013 Convention Against S744

indra.web.net Battle Breaks Out Over Obama Care At 2013 AFL-CIO Convention

CA Labor Officials From CA Labor Fed, UFWA And SEIU 1871 Support SB 744 "Immigration Reform" Bill

Al Rojas Of LCLAA Sacramento On Immigration Bill S 744, Democracy & The AFL-CIO Convention

SF Rally And March To Defend Fired WalMart Workers

Dear Mr. Dolan-Where The Papers At? We Need A Contract!

"Working Men" Michael Fraser O'Brien Of KTA At SF ILWU Local 34

Don't Piss On Me & Tell Me It's Raining! ATU 192 AC Members Speak Out On Proposed Contract

Danny Glover Stands With BART Workers At Oakland United Labor Rally

NO To Napolitano Say UC Students, Immigrant Youth and Workers at UC Regents Meeting In SF

indra.web.net Healthcare Industry Has the Most Workplace Injuries but is the Least OSHA-Regulated

ILWU Local 21 Longview, Washington member Shelly Corker talks about her experience as longshore worker and the dangers of the EGT concession contract

One Sided Class War In ILWU NW Grain-Scabs In The Ports Of Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington

The AFT, Education, Common Core, Privatization, GreenDot/Concept Gulen Charters

ILWU Local 8 Picket Scabs At Columbia Grain

"Stop this Madness" - Jeremy Dudley a.k.a. "Origin"

Richmond CA City Workers SEIU 1021/IFPTE 21 Demand Prosecution of Leslie Knight By Contra Costa DA Mark A. Peterson

Rank and File Labor Protest West Coast AFL-CIO Meeting

"Your Fight Is Our Fight" AFSCME Pres Saunders Speaks To AFSCME 3299 UCSF Strikers

In Pursuit of Happiness And the Education Nightmare

Turkish Government Attacks Workers On May Day 2013 In Istanbul Turkey

Are Wells Fargo Banksters Running San Francisco Employees Pension System?

Richmond City Workers Protest Corruption And Bullying By Human Resources Manager

The End of the Bracero ("Guest Worker") Program in California

ILWU activist Leo Robinson, 1937-2013: A Life In Struggle

SF NUHW Kaiser Pharmacist Technician George Wong On The SEIU UHW/NUHW Election Battle

SF Solidarity Rally-Speak-out Against United Grain-Mitsui PMA Union Busting At Port Of Vancouver, WA

SF Gen Hospital Workers Demand An End to Bullying Of SEIU 1021 Interpreter Lan Ung & Others

SF City Painters Protest Bullying, Discrimination & Union Busting By SF MTA Managers

Short documentary on plant closing in Ohio

Stop Bullying At California Environmental Protection Agency-Report by CA EPA Workers and SEIU 1000 member Karen Snyder

Wealth Inequality in America

IFPTE Local 21 Member And Richmond City Library Worker Stacie Plummer On Bullying, Corruption And The City Of Richmond

Labor And The Fight Against Bullying-SEIU 1021 SF Leader Brenda Barros Speaks Out

SEIU 1021 Brenda Barros At SFUSD

Stop The Privatization: CCSF Faculty And Students Protest The Attack On Public Education

Nebraska AFL-CIO Members Support Keystone XL Oil Sands Pipeline

Howard Zinn On "The Hidden History of The American Working Class"

Students At CCSF March, Rally And Occupy Administration building To Stop Cutbacks & Privatization

"We Can't Take It Anymore" SEIU 1021 Members, Angry At Proposed Pay Cuts, Push To Get To Meet HRC Mickey Callahan

Inside The Hostess Bakery "Wonder Bread runs deep in my family"

SF City Workers Demand Equal Pay For Equal Work-Stop Wage Cuts And Two Tier Jobs

Who Is SEIU1021 Pres Roxanne Sanchez And Did Randy Shaw THC Boss Help Get Her Elected?

25,000 UK Lewisham March To Save Hospital

Introducing Cutski Bear

Collective Bargaining Works

The Corporate Raiders Destroying Public Education & Our Unions by Danny Weil

CNA-NUHW Says No More Concession Bargaining And Give Backs! CNA/NNU NUHW Affiliation Announced

Michigan Rams Through "Right to Work"

Labor Unions on Brink of Extinction?

SF CCSF AFT 2121 Faculty & Students Protest Cuts And Austerity Outside School Board Meeting

Michigan State Police assaults senior citizen protester at MI State Capitol protest

2,500 Protest Michigan Capitol

Don't Sell Off And Privatize The Post Office-SF March and Rally

UK Unison Union Tops Witch Hunt Backfires As Socialists Win Free Speech Fight

Shut It Down! SEIU 1021 Oakland Port Workers Strike for One Day

WalMart Workers Fed Up! Richmond-San Leandro Actions In BA On 2012 Black Friday

Sparks and Civil Servants join N14 European day of action in London

UK TUC march dominated by calls for a general strike

George McGovern 04/27/2009 Anti-EFCA rally Harrisburg, PA

The WalMart Warehouse Strike of 2012

No Two Tier Pensions-AFSCME3299 UCSF Workers Protest For A Contract

Rebel Diaz-Chicago Teacher

CALSTRS padding pensions? SEIU 1000 Whistleblower Scott Thomson Fired For Exposing

Worker's Rights are Human Rights: Interview With Saladin Muhammad UE Organizer In South

SEIU 1021 Supporters & SF Museum Workers Occupy de Young To Get Contract Without Concessions

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis speaks to 18,000 supporters on Labor Day

The Privatization Assault On Community Colleges-Interview With Lawyer Kathleen Carroll

Chevron Rage-Richmond Community Demands Justice & Some Want Public Control Of Chevron

SF MTA Muni Tunnel Boondoggle & SF City Corruption-Muni Mismanagement

Who Is Behind The Privatization Of Education: Education, Privatization, Bill Gates, Broad, KIPP, Pearson And The Gulen Schools

SEIU 2012 Convention SMART Report-Real Issues Covered Up By "Henry Team"

Oakland Airport Subway Food Fired Worker Bikram Speaks Out

Trumka Declines to Respond to Policy Criticism from Challenger Kelber for AFL-CIO Top Spot

AFL-CIO Pres Trumka Gets A Challenge From A Journalist On Obama

SEIU 2012 Convention Circus-Real Issues Covered Up By "Henry Team"

Labor Imperialism, Corporate Unionism & The SEIU Convention In Puerto Rico

Postal Workers March & Protest In SF To Stop Closures and Privatization

Where Is The Real Malfeasance And Corruption In San Francisco City Government

Our Present is Your Future: How to destroy public health services in Greece

CNA Sutter Peralta Bates Nurses/Techs In One Day Strike Against Concessions & Union Busting

The Main Street Moment-The Struggle in the Heartland: Tulsa City Workers

Don't Believe the Lies! The War Against The People Of Greece And Europe

Protest Against Rahm Emanuel at Fundraiser For Milwaukee Union Buster Demo Mayor Tom Barrett

"A Subsidy For Charters" Brown's Tax Initiative "compromise"-Danny Weil Speaks In Berkeley

Connecting The Dots: Charters, Corruption, Gulen & Privatization

NEMSA Disco Fever-Workers Fight For Transparency At NEMSA Union

One Million Climate Jobs Now!

Korean Media Workers Strike Interview At Korea National Broadcasting Corporation

Bankruptcy, Privatization And Union Busting in Benton Harbor MI

KPFA CWA Local 9415 Members Picket Pacifica, KPFA And CWA Official Calls For Financial Boycott

SF City Workers Fed Up With Concessions Rally At City Hall

Golden Gate Bridge Workers Rally & March To AT&T Ball Park For Contract

Golden Gate Bridge Workers Picket Board Presidents Million Dollar Mansion

SEIU 1021 SF General Hospital Activist Brenda Barros Speaks Out On Contract Negotiations

SF General Hospital SEIU 1021 & AFSCME 3299 Workers Demand End to Concessions & Privatization

Stop Human Services Cuts In Chicago-AFSCME 2858 Under Attack

SF MTA TWU 250A Operator Cynthia Carter Fights Sexual Harassment & Retaliation By SF MTA Bosses

SFO & HRD Bosses Continue Sex Discrimination Against SEIU 1021 Curator Sonya Knudsen

Fired SF TWU 250A Fired Drivers Speak At SF Gov Meetings About Retaliations

Unite Here 2850 Castlewood Workers lockout reaches two years

48hr General Strike in Greece Oct.2011 (Eng subs)

Golden Gate Bridge Workers Protest Attacks On Healthcare & Give Backs At Ft. Mason

East Bay Teachers Picket Union Buster Privatizer Rhee

Attacking the unions and the Democratic Party

Oil Industry Still Out of Control

Congressional Transportation Bill Will Privatize and Outsource 20% Of Public Transportation-ATU Pres Larry Hanley

Angry SEIU Members Picket SEIU 1021 Convention-Stop Concession Bargaining

Laney UPWA Conference On The Attack On Public Education And Privatization

Milwaukee Ironworker Says AFL-CIO Missing In Action At Superbowl in Indianapolis

Defend Kaiser Healthcare Workers & Patient Care-NUHW/CNA SF Picket

Welcome IBEW Call Center ACS Workers!

Tom Morello-World Wide Rebel Songs Live in Madison, Wisconsin

Occupation of Itochu in SF To Stop Union Busting Against ILWU

Seattle Labor Solidarity Forum Disruption by Rightwing ILWU Bureaucrats & Cronies

J.Eric Cobb for SCFL President: WORT Labor Radio interview

UK RMT Bob Crow on general strike and Austerity Cuts

Oakland, Maine T-Mobile Workers Fight Downsizing

IFPTE Local 21 SF City Surveyor Fights Against Corporate Unionism

Foxconn to Replace Half a Million Employees with Robots

UK 2 Million Public Workers Strike

"Stop The Lies" CNA Sutter Alta Bates Striking Nurses' Struggle

SFO & HRD Bosses Continue Sex Discrimination Against SEIU 1021 Curator Sonya Knudsen

SF MTA TWU 250 A Operator Cynthia Carter Fights Back

West Coast Port Action/Blockade Press Conference-Oakland

SF Trade Unions March And Rally With Occupy SF

ILWU-21 Longview struggle features Boots Riley

US Public Workers Union Leaders Have Given In To Concessions-The Stockholm Syndrome And The 1% Union Leaders

UK Taxi WHY I AM STRIKING We're Sick To Death Of Being Wage Fucking Slaves

UK Public Workers Make Sacrifice At What Price?

Occupy Portland Marches with 1000s of Labor Supporters

Stop The Police Attacks-SF Labor & Workers At Occupy SF

Keep Public Services in Public Hands-Evanston Illinois Rally

Gov. Walker gets Mic Checked! Including Chicago Teachers

99% Justice on the Golden Gate Bridge? All Union Coalition Workers Speak Out

Chrysler workers speak on contract vote

ILWU Calls For Labor Backing Of Occupation

Support The Occupations (We Don't Give Up!)

The Real Reason UTLA Substitute Teacher Was Fired: Exposed Corruption

Danny Glover Speaks At Occupy Oakland

SF Occupy 99%ers March, Rally And Blockade Wells Fargo Bank

Short Labor Films from DC Film Festival

War at the Port of Longview WA and the ILWU

AFL-CIO Pres Trumka Calls On Capitalists To "create good jobs"

Workers Defend Their Rights in Wisconsin & Ohio

"Don't Scab On Seniors" SF Workers/Retirees Protest Deal With Union Busters-Billionaires

How About Our Dinner UC Regent Marcus? UC AFSCME 3299 Workers Picket UC Regent Marcus's SF Restaurant Kokkari

UCSD AFSCME 3299 Workers Protest Union Busting Tactics by Dr. Gibbs

Post Office Crisis? Two Postal Workers Speak Out

Chicago Teachers, Wisconsin Labor Cookout

Pacific Northwest Carpenters Mix20/20 Dispatch System Eliminates Need For Union Halls

City Colleges Of Chicago CCC Clerical Workers Want Fair Contract Now

"Don't Roll Over SF City Workers & Retirees" Protest At SF General

Attack On Public Employees-Gov Gone Wild

Privatization & The War Against California Teachers-Fired CTC Staff Attorney Kathleen Carroll Speaks Out

Verizon Workers Fight Back!

Solidarity Action At Verizon Wireless Outlet In San Francisco

London writer sees "insurrection like Tunisia"

The Struggle And Lessons Of Wisconsin

The Madison Moment, pt.1

Adventists "Death by Deletion"

"Dereliction Of Duty" SFCC Retirees Protest Attack On Pensions

Protesters arrested outside the Wisconsin Senate

Unionists At Kent State Speak Out On Union Busting Campaigns and The Democrats

SF TWU 250A Members Blast "Arbitrated" Concession Contract

Dear Governor

Should public employees have the right to strike? TWU President Mike Quill 1961

Chicago Housekeepers Speak Out Against Sexual Harassment

Speak-out To Defend SF TWU 250 A Operator & Health And Safety Advocate Dorian Maxell

SF TWU 250A Operators Maxwell & Coghlan
Urge No Vote On Concession Contract

Confessions of a Disney Employee

Turn It Loose: GE National Contract 2011-GE Pays Less Taxes Than Most US Workers

Things to Know from Wisconsin

More Than A Test Score-Two Teachers and a Microphone

Jail The Bankers, Not The Teachers! OEA Protests At Wells Fargo Bank For Funding

NY Montefiore Nurses Picket For Justice And Respect "The Nurses Win, Patients Win"

Illinois Public Workers TV Ad Against Attacks On Public Workers

Bail Out The Schools Not The Banks-UTR Teachers Demand School Funding

TWU - Thousands Rally For Responsible Budget In Harrisburg, PA

Berkeley sing along from UAW 2865 Academic Workers For A Democratic Union (AWDU)

Filmleri Festivali Hatirasi/LaborFest Turkey

Community Rejects Dolores Huerta In Sacramento on MayDay 2011

Union Town by Tom Morello-The Nightwatchman

"No Wisconsin type viewpoint in San Francisco" Mayor Ed Lee

From Memphis to Madison-The Struggle Continues

Labor And The Lessons Of Wisconsin: Presentation By J. Eric Cobb ED Of Building Trades Council Of South Central Wisconsin

ILWU Tacoma Longshore 125th Commemoration

Arianna's CWA Greeting Party In San Francisco-Sister, Can You Loan Me A Dime?

The Maine Labor Mural Projection Bombing On The Capitol

"Hands Off Local 10" Says ILWU Local 10 Leader Clarence Thomas at Anti-War Rally

Rhee the Reformer

Oakland OEA Teachers Speakout at Well Fargo Bank-Make The Banks Pay

AFL-CIO Sec Liz Shuler Supports General Strike Proposal In Berkeley


NY Albany Capitol Occupation 3.30.11-Public Services & Education Cut While Billionaires Get Tax Cuts

We Will Win (Song for Wisconsin)

Now Is The Time To Stand-Up & Stand United To Defend 125 Years Of Social & Economic Progress

Former SEIU Official Reveals Secret Plan To Destroy JP Morgan?

Michigan AFL-CIO Protest in Lansing

Wisconsin demonstrations continue "I finally understand the French revolution"

"Time To Unite" UC Unions & Labor Rallies To Demand Rejection of UC Regent David Crane

No Concessions Emergency Meeting In Madison, WI

American Workers vs Multi-Billionaires

Minnesota Rally in Solidarity with Wisconsin Workers

Wisconsin Education Association Labor leaders ask citizens to come to Madison

Wisconsin protests Gov. Walker's Workers' Rights Repeal Bill

AFSCME Battleground Plans-DC 37 and AFSCME Fight to Stop the Lies

Madison, Wisconsin demonstrations gain strength "This Is The Class Struggle"

First Responders March On Madison, Wisconsin

Napa Nightmare "Who's Insane"

"Safety Now" Napa State Hospital Workers Press Conference

Dropkick Murphys-The Workers Song

Billy Bragg-There Is Power In A Union

NY IUE/CWA 81359 Momentive Performance Materials Chemical Workers walk out

US Workers Comp & Health And Safety Under Threat By Corporate Junk Medicine

Purple Union Eater CEO-CSEA's 800 Union Number Outsourcing Union Reps

600 IBEW St. Louis Members Picket UBC Carpenters

SF Mime Troupe's "Posibilidad" Union Hall Tour Promo

Soldiers Poisoned By Government & Halliburton For Profits

Support Locked Out USW 7-669 Honeywell Metropolis IL Workers

Toyota Of Poway Injured Worker Speaks To California FAC Fraud Assessment Commission

Chicago Hilton Workers Strike

Detroit musicians go on strike

San Bruno Residents Speak Out On PG&E Blast And Cover-up "Corporate Profits Before People"

UAW Local 23 GM Stamping Plant sends International UAW Packing!

SF Billionaires Attack City Workers

Flash Mob - Sick Deal

CTU and UFT Make a Deal on School Closing Resolution

Bill Gates at the AFT Convention - 1984

Union Buster Privatizer Bill Gates At AFT Convention-Gates Gets Booed

SF Hilton Lobby Takeover by Unite Here Local 2 Members

Crises of Capitalism animated

IBEW To Carpenters: Stop the Raids And Lowering Wages

Chicago CTU President Elect And CORE Candidate Press Conference

Iraq War Veteran On Racism And War

Don't Get Caught in a Bad Hotel-Unite Here 2 Labor Boycott of St. Francis Hotel

MUA Rally-Is Rio Tinto following Avatar movie script?

Workplace Democracy: Corporate Style

Excess Baggage: TWU Fights Corporate Greed

Miners speak on safety violations

Mine Safety Hearing: Congressman Knew About Criminal Activity Of Mine Owners

16 Workers Die Per Day

Furlough Friday

andy stern: business unionist

LA Unite Here Local 11 Workers Rally At The Hyatt

Toyota Fremont NUMMI UAW Workers Protest Closure

UAW Local 2244 Fed Up With Inaction And Lack Of Communication, Leadership

Chicago Rally for Mass Transit

Iraqi Veteran Speaks Out On Racism & What The War Is About

SF Hotel Workers Rally With AFL-CIO Trumka And March On Hilton Hotel

International Secretary Of COSATU Challenges AFL-CIO Trumka On Support For Israel And Histadrut

The Unemployment Game Show

U. C. Berkeley Budget Protest

16 Deaths Per Day

UTR Rank and File Teachers Occupy Executive Offices In Response To Rigged Ratification On Concession Contract

Kraft Terrabusi: Argentina Kraft Workers Speak Out

Ford workers speak on contract rejection

Seattle General Strike: Historical Legacies
of the IWW and Workers Control (28 min)

Sonoma Co. providers and Supervisors blast
SEIU secrecy and intimidation in a rigged vote

CA State Workers Conference Supports Statewide Education Strike 3-4-10

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka discusses health care reform-Leaves Out Single Payer In Debate

Tens of thousands line up for housing assistance in Detroit

Stacy   Ronald   Patricia   Deneen   Rita, Grace & Frank  
UAW Elkhart Conn Selmer Workers Speak Out
About Union Busting And Role Of UAW International

We're Number 37

Bay Area ATU 1555 BART Workers Speak Out On Contract Fight

St. Louis Union Workers Injured At Fight at Town Hall Event

Boulder play about single payer health care

JWJ Head Does Damage Control For Union Officials & Demos

Trumka To Take Over Leadership Of AFL-CIO-Election Unlikely In Top Down AFL-CIO

Rally of AFSCME Detroit City workers against concessions contract

Just another cog in the machine

Sweeney: Obama and unions

Teacher Strike Blues - Angry Tired Teachers


Keep Chrysler Jobs in Kenosha

Corporate Executive speaks out against the Employee Free Choice Act

NUHW Founding Convention

Artists for Workers Choice

SFAI union busting

Kim Bobo appears in ABC News report on wage theft

Stella D'Oro Strike Rally 12/08

Labor Swine Flu Action at LAX

Riverside CA Warehouse Workers Sit-In

Walmart Workers Fighting for Change

Zinn: A reinvigorated labor movement needed

CWA Picket Sign Assembly Line - Contract Expired!

Fired Pantagraph Employees on the Employee Free Choice Act

Obama, The Privatization Of Chicago Schools And Labor

Everything Comes At A Price

The Class of "08" Spokane Local #14

Matewan (1987) - The Union

The American Coal Miner War

Life and Death And Maximizing Profits For Developers

"Aren't They Paid Enough To Be Fair" Come Together Carpenters Local 370 Membership

Obama Compliments CTW Founder Stern

Labor Notes' Mark Brenner on Fox News

Gag Order for UBC Carpenters Union Local 747 Members To Put on Legal Pressure

Busting Up The SEIU UHW and Members Speak Out On Andy Stern's Trusteeship

Fighting Wal-Martization

Detroit Union Members want a better union

HEI Le Meridien Workers Fight for Justice in San Francisco

Elkhart, Indiana UAW364 Conn-Selmer Workers Fight For Justice

SEIU Raid Rank and File Members, San Jose 2/1/09

Detroit UNITE HERE Local 24 Rank And File Protest Power Grab

60 Minutes on the impact of DHL closing

Chicago Public Schools Targeted For Elimination: The Struggle Against Renaissance 2010 - Obama And Privatization Of The Schools

US Transport Workers Rally To Protect Dutch Docker's Pensions In San Francisco

SEIU International Caught Putting Trusteeship of UHW into Action Before Hearing Results In-UHW Members Are Fed Up

Rose Ann Demoro Talk at Labor Campaign for Single Payer

Detroit Auto Show Auto Worker Rally - 2009

Detroit Unite-HERE Local 24 Rank And File Protest International Power Grab

USWA Pres on Obama

Why We Shouldn't Settle for a New "New Deal"

Solidarity Lives-LA Drywallers Raided By Mccarron's UBC

UBC Local 22 SF Carpenters Picket Union Hall To Protest Discrimination

Together We Win: The Fight to Organize Starbucks

Golden Parachute for Christmas

Sponsor an Executive

Angry Laid-off Workers Occupy Factory in Chicago

Laid-Off Chicago Workers Occupy Plant

The 401's - Iron Workers Safety

Hamilton, Canadian Steel Workers And The Cost Of NAFTA

SEIU UHW Members Rally In Oakland And Sutter Health In Sacramento-
Sutter Wants To "Cut A Deal With Andy Stern"

The Job

The Labor Movement After the Bush Era

Protest SEIU Raid of FMPR Teachers' Union-NY Trade Unionists Demand SEIU Get Out Of Puerto Rico

AFT History Video: Teachers Strike & Taft-Hartley Bill

Cindy Sheehan on Labor, The War And The Economy

Chicago Speaks Out-Don't Sell Out for The Bail Out

From Wharf Rats to Lords of the Docks

UHW takes on Andy Stern's Kangaroo Court

Hearing shows UHW's Strength-SEIU UHW Members Rally and Speak Out At Hearing On Trusteeship

"No Bailout" "You Broke It You Buy It" Wall Street Protest

SEIU UHW Members Speakout Against Threatened Stern Trusteeship

Bill Fletcher Part 1 At SEIU UHW San Jose Conference-Bridges Burning And Silence Is Not An Option

The Last March Out of Everett-IAM Washington Workers Mass Walk-out

SEIU 6434 CA LTHW Homecare Workers Speak-out Against Corruption

SEIU 221 Tops "They keep changing the rules!"

Bruce Springsteen "It's The Working Class"

Worker to Worker-Take This Job And Shove It

Broken Levees, Broken Lives: A Post-Katrina Focus on Health

Amy Goodman Unlawfully Arrested At RNC

Teamsters Rally in Support of Anheuser-Busch Workers

Nickel and Dimed from The American Ruling Class!

Al Rojas - Farm Workers Deaths & The UFWA "Partnerships" with the Growers & The Politicians

Free The Charleston Five And Reform Fight In The ILA

UTLA Teachers One DayStrike To Protest Cuts

Fox Valley Boilermakers Forge Strike Lingers On After Two Years

Bonus March on Washington, DC: 1932

Canadian CEP Local in Trusteeship

Video - Lights Out, McCarron:British Columbia Carpenters - Tell UBC Pres Doug McCarron To "Go Back Where You Belong"

Dos Americas: The Reconstruction of New Orleans

Labor Imperialism, Corporate Unionism & The SEIU Convention

One Healthcare Union, Not More Bad Deals

6,000 UHW members protest at SEIU's sham hearing


Access Healthcare AHIP Protest

A People's History of American Empire by Howard Zinn

george carlin nails it-the real owners. education and "freedom of choice"

Conn Selmer Strike Anne Feeney Concert

Report From SEIU UHW On SEIU Convention And Repressive Tactics To Control Convention

SEIU Members Demand Rank And File Representatives On Bargaining Councils

PR Federation of Teachers on the Attack by SEIU

Direct Action - Utah Phillips 1935-2008

Believe It or Not: SEIU Sues its Own Members in Continued Attack on Democracy

No Peace No Work! ILWU Shuts Down West Coast Ports On May Day 2008

SEIU Exposed: The Truth About Their Ohio Deal with CHP

American Axle Strike: Workers Drawing the Line

Kaiser Security Officers Need Sick days!

OEA Press Conference on ILWU May Day Action Against War

Union Solidarity For Tacoma Mersk Security Guard / Military Materials Resistance at US Ports

YouTube WorkersMemorialDay Channel

SEIU-CNA Battle At Labor Notes Conference-SEIU Homecare Worker Dies

RNs Condemn Violent Service Union Attack at Michigan Event

SEIU The "Wal-Mart" Of The Trade Union Movement

SEIU UHW Members Leaflet SEIU International Headquarters

Media Mobilizing Project News: Stand With Cab Drivers

Sitting Behind the Desk, The stories of Allied Barton Guards

Conn Selmer-"Two Year Anniversary Strike Video"

Chinese labor activist disagrees with SEIU Stern's China policy

Dropkick Murphys - Workers Song

Forgot Me Knot - for workers memorial day

Manong Generation: Farm Labor Movement

Arrests on American Axle picket line in Detroit

Without Safety You're Dead!

Union Longshoreman Strike Picket Fight

AFSCME 3299 UC-What Kind of Power-Union Power

NWA Strike: Last Living Souls

UHW Nursing Home Members Respond to SEIU Sabotage Attempts

Teamsters vs. F.W. Russell Disposal Inc.

Interviews of Striking American Axle Workers

Unionization at Ford in 1930s and early 1940s

Members of Vegas SEIU Union Local 1107 Take Control

Everybody's Valentine: UAW President Ron Gettelfinger

Springsteen "Youngstown" Montage

SEIU Mergers, Labor Power, Union Democracy and the Future of the SEIU-Forum 3 LA

Unite-HERE Hotel workers stage protest at Google Headquarters

Springsteen "Youngstown" Montage

Mexico Wal-Mart No Wage Youth Workers "Volunteers"

FairDeal4Writers.com | FairDeal4Writers Video Annual Contest

One Big Union

Eye of the Storm

What Have The Unions Ever Done For Us?

No Tension, Just a Pension

Labor International Conference To Stop The War SF 10/20/2007

2000 Attack On Charleston, S. Carolina ILA 1422 Longshore Workers

One Day = $720 Million

Farmworkers' Lawsuit to See Who is Using H2 Workers

Corporate killing

UAW 3520 Fired Freightliner Daimler Benz Workers Fight for Justice

Writers show support at San Diego Teamster rally

Injured Steven Baker UBC Carpenters' Fight For Justice & Role Of UBC Trustees

Which Side Are You On Boys

With These Hands I Demand the Future

The Noose: An American Nightmare part 1

Who Are They Lying To? The Media Robber Barons Telling Lies Again

Shock Doctrine: the short film

The Strike, Your Marriage and You

Why We Fight-Explanation of Issues Behind WGA Strike

"Your intellectual property starts in my head"

Rage Against the Machine Singers Joins Striking Writers "We're Shutting Down Production And Kicking Corporate Ass"

"Not The Daily Show" With Striking Writer Jason Rothman

Videologblog: Writers Strike (Colbert Report writers)

The Same Old Story From Irv's LIving Room

Big Bad Writers Facing the Poor Producers

German Train Workers On the Move-Munich GDL Strike

IATSE Local One Strike Press Conference

Which Side Are You On?

AFL vs. CIO split in 1935

5,000 Sutter RNs On Strike, October 10-11 2007

Detroit Chrysler workers speak out

Iran: The Story of Mansour Osanloo

Injured Nurse Speaks Out About 7th Day Adventist Hospital Chain

Union One - No Union Busters - Don't Believe the Hype!

ICE Harasses SEIU Local 87

Bill Richardson's Message to CWA Members

CNA/NNOC Nurses Storm the Capitol to Say NO to AB 8

"Let My People Work!" the Woodfin workers' struggle

The Union: All of Us Together

General Motors strikers in Michigan speak Out

UAW Local 773 went on strike Monday

interview With USWA Pres on Global Unionism

Fred Mason USLAW Co-Convenor at DC September 15 antiwar rally

John Edwards - TWU Endorsement

AFSCME Local 3800's U Of M Strike

SEIU 1021 Pres. Davis-Howard at Sonoma Court

U of M AFSCME Members Speak Out on Local 3800 Strike Vote

Workers Protest Choppers

Oakland Port Protest By OEA Teachers & Community Against War & For Education Funding

Quebec Union Leader stops provocateurs

Teamsters Fighting for the Future, Labor Beat


Ten Years Since the UPS Strike--Part 1

Ten Years Since the UPS Strike--Part 2

Cygnus Strike Victory for Immigrant Workers

America's Victory: The 1997 UPS Strike

Excerpt from SiCKO

SIPTU ("The Union for All Irish Workers") 100 year history

US workers' stories for Australian Workers

IBT 726 Rank And File Standing Their Ground In Oak Forest, IL For Injured Workers

Iraq Oil Workers Leader: "Troops Out Yesterday"

L@s janitors de Houston regresan a las calles!

Of Lost Conversations-The Role Of Black Workers Who Were Brought Into Shipyards To Help Rosie Riveters

ACCESS HEALTHCARE: RNs Host Michael Moore's SiCKO Premier

G-8 Summit Prequel "Move Against G8" June 2, 2007

from 2007 June Argentine FELCO - Festival Latinoamericano de la clase obrera

Finnish Labour Temple Song

Workers Memorial Day 2007 Sacramento Speak-Out
part 1   part 2

Why We're in Iraq

The Battle of Local 5668 Trailer-We Have Put Our Lives On The Line

LA Police Attack On May Day Demonstrators & Media

Turkish May Day Rally Attacked By The Police

Hayward Teachers Strike Media Team Talks About Their TV Channel

Hayward Striking Teacher Unity

Which Side Are You On - pete seeger

AFT-NYC UFT Election Candidates On The Web

THE ENEMY WITHIN - strike music video

Bob Crow, UK RMT Gen Sec. Speaks About the Class Struggle & The SEIU

ILWU 500 Leader Demands: Jail CN Owners

CNA RN David Welch Can't Get Healthcare

Canadian UTU CN Strikers Speakout At 2/21/2007 Rally

Night of the Living Wage

March on the Pentagon 3/17/2007

United Stanford Workers SEIU Local 2007 "Push It To the Limit"

Ironworkers Local 401

The Crisis At Kaiser, Labor And Where Is Kaiser Going

GI's Mother Challenges Demo Obey On His Support For More Money For War

Canadian Union Women Strikers Speak Out

What Happens to Workers Who Want to Bargain

Harry Kelber's poem at Labor Notes '06

CWA Pres Larry Cohen at Organizing Summit Calls For Stewards' Movement

Justice at Peabody Coal Company

D.C. Ballet Dancer Talks About Health Problems and Discrimination Because Of Union Activity

SEIU Pres On Why He Is Joining With Wal-Mart

On The 70th Anniversay- History The Little Steel Strike - Youngstown, Ohio - 1937

Mr. Roberts, Does Comcast Really Care?

Houston Police Attack On Janitors

In Janitors' Own Words: Ercilia Sandoval

Registered Nurse Response Network's Katrina Work

Delphi Workers-Say Something Now Or You'll Be Next

SEIU Pres Interviewed on Chicago SEIU 73 TV Show - pt.1

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