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Andrew Stern
SEIU Pres Stern Joins With Business Roundtable & Insurance Companies For 'Overhaul'

Houston Janitors Getting Run Around From SEIU

220 workers arrested in Swift raids are charged with 'identity theft'

'A life is worth more than a ton of coal'

Demos Pick Wal-Mart Owned Scab Convention Center for convention

A Newsroom Fight Spills Into the Streets-Workers Vote To Join IBT

Bay Area Labor turns out to support Alcatraz Ferry Workers : Video & Pictures

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A state of constant dread-The State Of Workers In Canada & The US

SEIU Members Push Their Union to Change Its Position on Immigration
Change to Win info

AFL-CIO Weblog

World Wide Work newsletter

Labor On The Occupation

What It's All About

War costs are hitting historic proportions

Sweeney Condemns Bush Escalation, Calls for Withdrawal from Iraq


Some Events

      Solidarity Benefit For UAW364 Conn Selmer Elkhart Strikers
      Chicago - January 21, 2007

      Mobilize for March on Congress
      Washington DC - Jan. 27-29

      March on the Pentagon: 40th anniversary of 1967 march
     Alexandria, VA - March. 17

      Global Days of Action on the 4th Anniversary of the War!
     DC, SF, LA, Chicago, Seattle - Mar. 17-18

Rank 'n File Speak
By These Hands © David Parker

The Empire Strikes Back- Episode II At UAW Caterpillar In Peoria, Illinois
by Rob Wilson - UAW 974

Going Postal... AGAIN & A Letter To House Chair Pelosi From 90 SF Postal Workers
by Audrey A. Davis - San Francisco PCA

'Welcome to the New World Job Order'
by Jack Rasmus - National Writers Union (UAW 1981)

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