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Resolution in Support of Workers in the Maquiladora Factories adopted July 8, 2019 by the San Francisco Labor Council (AFL-CIO)

ILWU Local 10 Motion to Stop the Fascists With Labor Action in San Francisco On August 26, 2017

NNU Nurses Condemn White Supremacy, Racism In Charlottesville Violence

Connecticut AFL-CIO Convention Passes Resolution Supporting BDS After Call From Palestinian Unions

United Electrical Workers endorse BDS, call for "a peace settlement on the basis of self-determination for Palestinians and the right to return"

SFLC Resolution Urging Suspension of Any Further Deportations of Undocumented Immigrants, Extending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program and Ending the Firings of Undocumented Workers

UAW 2865 Statement of Solidarity with the Justice for Trayvon Martin Movement

San Francisco Labor Council Resolution to Defend Labor & the Working People Of Turkey

Support the Initiative for a General Strike in Wisconsin-Resolution of SF Letter Carriers

SF Labor Council Resolution on "Wisconsin and the Fight Against Union-Busting" and For "No Concessions For Workers"

Support the Initiative for a General Strike in Wisconsin-Resolution of SF Letter Carriers

SF Labor Council Resolution on "Wisconsin and the Fight Against Union-Busting and For No Concessions For Workers"

San Francisco Labor Council Resolution Condemning the Use of U.S. Military to Escort Scab Grain Ship in Longview WA

SF Labor Council Opposes Prosecution Of Assange & Manning And Calls For Defense Of Democratic Communication Rights & Whistleblowers

San Francisco Labor Council passes resolution in support of Bradley Manning

CA Federation of Teachers March 2010 Convention Passes Resolution Against Afghanistan War-Will go forward to the AFT convention this July in Seattle

Resolutions from First Iraqi International Labour Conference

SFLC resolution supporting ILWU May Day action to oppose the war

SF Labor Council Denounces Iraqi Oil Law

CA Building Trades Union Leader Calls for End to Occupation

AFL-CIO calls for timetable/ redeploying/ Congressional action

"Not One More Dollar for Occupation and War in Iraq"
Says Wash DC Metro Labor Council

Sweeney Condemns Bush Escalation, Calls for Withdrawal from Iraq

SF Labor Council: Cut Off Funding for the Iraq War

SF AFT 2121 Calls For Cutoff Of US Arms To Israel and Investigation of Use Of US Weapons On Civilians

Million member union Teachers Union Votes to "Oppose the Iraq War"

Canadian Labour Congress Calls For Immediate Withdrawal From Afghanistan

CFT Reaffirms Antiwar Stand, Calls on AFT

AFL-CIO Calls For Rapid Withdrawal From Iraq

SEIU 715 Joins Unions and CLCs in Resolution

Three More Major Unions Oppose War, by Harry Kelber

CWA Calls for Return of U.S. Troops Now!

APWU Resolution Against War, Calls for End to US Occupation

CA Labor Federation Calls for Immediate End to Occupation

SEIU Calls for End to Iraq Occupation

SFLC Opposes AFL-CIO Acceptance of National Endowment for Democracy Funds

Central Labor Council Of Alameda County Backs Bush Impeachment

ILCA President On US Closure Of Iraqi Newspaper

Statement March 20 by Plumbers 393 VP

Joint Statement For Mar.20 International Labor Action

NWU Endorses March 20 Anti-War Protests

USLAW Condemns Military Raid on Iraqi Labor Federation


1199/SEIU Supports Oct. 25 March on Washington DC

SFLC endorses Oct. 25 March on Washington

SF Labor: "Bring the troops home now"

SF Labor Council Challenges Pelosi On Her Support For War

Solidarity Statement For ILWU Local 10 from Japan Doro-Chiba Workers

ILWU Resolutions Adopted On Iraq War & Repression

CA Teachers Say No To War

CA Federation Of Teachers: No To War! For The Defense Of Education!

NALC 214 Calls for International Action

Statement by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions

Association Of Flight Attendants Anti-War Resolution

APWU Opposes War With Iraq

SEIU Opposes War On Iraq

LA County Fed's Anti-War, Anti-Patriot Resolution

Teamster Local 705 Rejects Bush War Plans

California AFL-CIO

Washington State Labor Council

San Francisco Labor Council

Canadian Union of Postal Workers

AFM Local 153 anti war resolution

Organizations Representing 130 Million Workers Say NO to War!

Labor Leaders Launch National Anti-War Effort

Add Your Labor Body's Resolution