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New York transit
union leaders accept
take-away contract

TWU President: NYC Was Very Close To Transit Strike

Toussaint's Transit Express

Strike averted,
but not fare hike

With Strike Averted, Fare Hike Talks On Track

Toussaint Gets Rave Reviews
Transit workers' rally at City Hall: preaching dignity

Tortilla Flap - Azteca interviews
Josefina Bonilla and Arthur R. Velasquez

Azteca Foods Workers Enter Second Month
In Dispute Over 'Fair Contract'

Support for Azteca
Strikers Only Gets Stronger

Please send a Boycott Pledge to Azteca!
Tell them you won't buy their products
until they Negotiate a Fair Contract!

Labor On The War

Antiwar Effort Gains Momentum
Growing Peace Movement's Ranks Include Some Unlikely Allies

War and Peace Are Union Issues

Teamster Local 705 Rejects Bush War Plans

California AFL-CIO

Washington State Labor Council

San Francisco Labor Council

Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Congress Finds More Billions for War,
But Abandons Americans in Dire Need

by Harry Kelber

News Items:

Why We're Voting NO
ILWU rank and filers speak out against proposed contract

The widely reviled trade pact may actually be benefiting Mexico

By Creating Jobs for the Unemployed, The New Deal Enriched All of America

The Courage Of Rose Bird
by Dick Meister

Immigrants In The Crosshairs
by David Bacon

Why Bush Loves The Carpenters

GE workers petition for Congressional Hearings

Finally - OSHA gets its ergo advisory board

Lighting Labor's Fire

Unemployed fear benefit deadline

Workers Struggles: The Americas

Labor Tuesday
Labor news and reviews every Tuesday

Rank 'n File Speak

Big Brother Is Watching
by Tim Milligan

Postal Worker Murdered By Boss In Oakland

'Decertification' And Business Unionism
by Michael Rose

An At-Will Employee's Story

Web sites to watch

Members First Committee of SEIU Local 73-HC

Portworkers Solidarity

The Citizenship Project

Boo Hoo Yahoo!
Not Everyone Can Yahoo


A collection of articles and opinion pieces we think will be of interest to the labor community.

Including: Dick Meister,
Harry Kelber, Steven Hill, Alfredo Lopez

LaborNet Newsline:

UAL threatens to void contracts

Pension takeover threatens sale of Bethlehem Steel

MBTA workers approve new labor contract

Union votes against split for janitors

Union sues Norfolk Southern over 401(k) results

United workers retire en masse
Workers scramble to avoid possible cuts in pension plan

Union Battleground
Do Smiling Faces at Wal-Mart Belie Employee Unhappiness?

Teamsters Local 89 to vote on leaders

Labor group opposes $46 million subsidy for Wal-Mart

Union told United needs to double labor cost cuts

Labor judge orders back pay for fired nurse
Norton Healthcare is told to rehire union organizer

Principals Union: More Unfair Bargaining by Klein

Cedars-Sinai nurses to join union

Developer, union sign pacts

CT labor concession talks hit snag

IBEW Members Vote to Approve New Labor Contract with Florida Power

500 workers at Dominick's get pink slips

To Student Teachers, Yale Shows No Class

Duluth sewage workers end strike

San Francisco Strippers Want More Cash to Titillate

Bankrolling a Union-Buster
Is the Department of Agriculture backing a federal contractor's union-busting agenda?

Custodians prevail

Verizon workers fear unhappy holidays

AFL-CIO Work in Progress
December 16, 2002

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