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New DHS Work Rules May Have Ripple Effect

© Earl Dotter
Auto Parts Workers Facing Massive Cuts

Bush's Whistleblower office to be subject of workers' complaint

AFL-CIO Membership Drops Below 13 Million

No Real Labor Reform Without Blacks

L.A. Teachers Union to Broaden Its Focus

AFL-CIO's Sweeney Defeats Challenge From Dissidents

Turf Battle at AFL-CIO Highlights Obstacles in Holding Federation Together

LaborNet Issues: Reforming the AFL-CIO

Work in Progress, March 7, 2005

Why Republicans Should Love Unions

Your Rights When Called Up for Active Reserve or National Guard Duty
AFL-CIO - Working America (voice for nonunion workers)

Famous Labor Quotes Page

Cal Labor Code Protecting Political Rights

World Wide Work

Labor On The Occupation

Cost of the War in Iraq
$300 billion

US Orchestrating Murder Of "Un American Journalists" In Iraq

Pentagon weaponizes pain research


Some Events

      Global Day of Coordinated Anti-War Actions
     Nationwide - Saturday, March 19

      Conf "The Future Of American Labor"
     Kansas City, MO - April 22-23

      Mass Protest of Injured and Disabled Workers
     California statewide - April 28, Workers Memorial Day

      100 Years of Workers' Struggles Conference
     Chicago - June 25-26

Rank 'n File Speak
By These Hands © David Parker

Doublespeak: The Ultimate Betrayal
by Mike Griffin, WarZone Decatur IL

"Time to fight like hell for the living"
by David Hurlburt, CWA 9410

In the Footsteps of MLK: Education is a Civil Right
by Douglas MacDonald, Community-Labor Alliance

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