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Ludlow armed strikers

Workers' Safety: Over the Long Haul, Fatigue Kills

'Discovering' Williamsburg: No Housing For Working People As Hipsters Move In

Airlines Seek to Stretch Out Pension Dues

Disclosure Rules Bury Unions Under Piles Of Paperwork

GM, union headed for showdown

Sit-in at Washington University ends

As Arnold Crash Burns, Unions Stop Talking With Gov

CA Demos "a little disingenuous" Over Deregulation Of Workers' Comp

Some Events

      Mass Protest of Injured and Disabled Workers
     Sacramento and statewide - April 28, Workers Memorial Day

      The Take, a film by Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein
     Oakland CA - April 29, 7:30pm

      Conference - Workplace Health & Safety in the Global Economy
     Eugene OR - April 29-30

      Chicago Federation of Labor Reclaims May Day
     Chicago IL - May 1st, 2:00pm

      NYLHA Labor History Events
     New York City - May, 2005

      Reel Work May Day Labor Film Festival
     Santa Cruz CA - Apr.21-May 1

      100 Years of Workers' Struggles Conference
     Chicago - June 25-26

Labor On The Occupation

Cost of the War in Iraq
$300 billion

PNAC Displays 1998 Iraq War Document


Internet, Polarized Politics Create an Opening for a Third Party

Unions and the Rights of Members Called to Active Duty

AFL-CIO - Working America (voice for nonunion workers)
LaborNet Issues: Reforming the AFL-CIO

What does the AFL-CIO do, anyway?

Work in Progress, April 25, 2005

Labor Quotes Archive

Rank 'n File Speak
By These Hands © David Parker

Are the interests of American labor at odds with immigrant rights?
by David Baake, contributor

Failure Pays: Albertsons losing 35 Million a Quarter In Northern Cal?
by Reform 588, UFCW 588

A Phone Call To Andy
by Wes Brain, SEIU 503

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