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Chronology provided by HERE Local 2 in San Francisco

Chronology of an Anti-Union Campaign:

The San Francisco Marriott Hotel



1980                 Marriott chosen by the Redevelopment Agency to develop and operate the Yerba Buena Convention Hotel. 


Marriott enters into a "card check" agreement with the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union, Local 2.  The card check agreement provides for a quick, simple process for workers, if they desire, to choose union representation.


Oct. 1989        Marriott hotel opens with the most hotel employees and the largest banquet facilities in San Francisco.  Marriott rejects overtures from union to implement the card check agreement.


Local 2 sues Marriott in federal court to enforce card check agreement.  Marriott tries out several different legal arguments, including that it only signed agreement "under duress," in an attempt to escape from the terms of the agreement.


1995    Years of legal wrangling has the case set to go to trial.


Marriott and the union agree to bring in a mediator to attempt to settle the lawsuit short of trial.


Nov. 1995       The parties reach agreement and enter into a Consent Decree, providing for a new card check agreement.


Jan. 1996        The Consent Decree settling the lawsuit is filed with the federal court.


         & nbsp;           Local 2 organizing of Marriott workers begins.


Aug. 1996       Local 2 presents Special Master John Kagel with a majority of union authorization cards.  Kagel notifies Marriott that the union has majority status.


         & nbsp;           Marriott files objections with the Special Master claiming that the union has collected cards through intimidation and coersion.  Marriott provides no evidence of the alleged misconduct.


Sept. 1996       Special Master Kagel certifies that a majority of Marriott workers have signed cards authorizing Local 2 to represent them.


Nov. 1996       Negotiations begin.


Jan. 1997        Marriott provides wage increases to all employees at the San Francisco hotel except those represented by the union.


June 1997       Marriott provides benefit improvements to all employees at the San Francisco hotel except those represented by Local 2.


         & nbsp;           Union demonstrations begin several times weekly in front of the hotel.


Sept. 1997       Active anti-union campaign begins within the hotel, including management's discriminatory treatment of some workers who engage in union activities.


Oct. 1997        Numerous Unfair Labor Practice charges are filed by Local 2 with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).


         & nbsp;           Marriott workers begin testifying at the NLRB.


Nov. 1997       Marriott management holds departmental meetings, saying workers will get raises and back pay when they decertify the union or the company signs a contract.


         & nbsp;           De-certification petition is circulated among workers the day after the housekeeping department meeting.


Jan. 1998        Marriott provides another raise to all employees at the San Francisco hotel except those represented by the union.


         & nbsp;           NLRB continues investigating unfair labor practice charges brought by Local 2, including that Marriott illegally denied wage and benefit improvements to only workers represented by Local 2, that Marriott has bargained in bad faith; and that the company discriminated against employees because of their union activity.  Over 80 Marriott workers file declarations in support of the charges.


Sept. 1998       Marriott workers hold "teach-in" in hotel's employee cafeteria to educate co-workers about Marriott's labor law violations and pending prosecution.  Workers also begin wearing large "Marriott - Not Above the Law" buttons on the job.


On the eve of government prosecution, Marriott makes back payments to union workers totalling roughly $1.5 million and also gives wage and benefit improvements to union workers.


Oct. 1998        San Francisco Board Supervisor Tom Ammiano and 51 community supporters are arrested in the Marriott hotel lobby for holding a nonviolent civil disobedience sit-in to protest Marriott's lawbreaking and refusal to sign a fair contract.


Nov. 1998       AFL-CIO President John Sweeney is among 150 arrested for non-violent civil disobedience at the Marriott.


May 1999        The National Labor Relations Board begins its prosecution of the Marriott for 72 violations for federal labor law including bargaining in bad faith.


June 1999       74 are arrested in non-violent civil disobedience.


Nov. 1999       Marriott/Local 2 contract negotiations resume.


Mar. 2000       Negotiations stall.


May 2000        New charges are filed with the NLRB by Local 2.


                        Marriott attorney announces there will be no bargaining during his three-week vacation in June.          

June 2000       Marriot workers vote to overwhelmingly (96.4%) to authorize a two-day strike.


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