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AFL-CIO Leader Trumka Blames Democrats and Obama on Health "Reform" Bill but Proposes No Mass Labor Action or Rallies to Demand Single Payer

Union leaders meet with Obama to discuss health-care reform, warn Dems of the Cost Of Sell-Out

Labor leaders object to 'Cadillac tax' for healthcare-Agree To Keep Meeting "Secret"

State of the Black Union PR
Wages Still Under Pressure

Tavis Smiley Ends State of Black American Union Show, Continues Media Lockdown of Obama's Black Left Critics

After Obama Ignores Their Pleas Against Tax On Health Benefits, SEIU Stern Says He "Loves" Demo Speaker Nancy Pelosi

SEIU Union boss Stern loses patience with US reform delays-Payoff To Pols Not Paying Off

NY Hotel workers become political players-Unite Here Forces Card Check For All Properties That Get Tax Breaks Or Lease From Public Authorities

Chicago Federation of Labor chief Gannon opposes Wal-Mart stores In Chicago in fight with mayor but gets $163,625 from private insurance company

IBT Local 743 Members In Chicago Unite to Say "We Won't Go Back"-Teamster Reformers Ousted in Power Grab

Divisions in Vt. labor erupt on nuclear plant-"Who the hell do you think you are?" says AFL-CIO Building Trades Sec Treasurer Sean McGarvey

Auto Workers' Union Holds Jobs Protest at Detroit Auto Show-"I'm very frustrated with the U.A.W. right now. They're not fighting as hard as the rank and file"

AFT Pres Weingarten to propose tying test scores, teacher evaluations

New NYC AFT Pres "red meat for the anti-charter union masses"

Campus takeover privatization applications begin flowing in to L.A. Unified-"A. J. Duffy, the teachers union president, said his members have the best chance at turning around struggling campuses"

AFL-CIO Trumka Says Obama Needs '08 Courage Today


Corporations' Double Standard Shows Need for Labor Law Reform: T-Mobile USA Union Busting

Dear Abby-Union Rep Advises Silence In Response to Harassment

"A Startling Discovery" By Top Official Of AFL-CIO Trumka's Handpicked $238,975 A Year Official Responsible For Union's Financial Assets
What Killed Roger Rebel? A Self-Inflicted Wound of NYC TWU 100 President

New Documents Explain SEIU's Wrong Turn

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