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A Transit worker has his say.
N.Y. Transit Workers Reject Deal That Ended 3-Day Strike

Lack of decent-paying jobs drives workers into West Virginia mines

Unionize the mines!

Chamber and 2 Unions Forge Alliance on Immigration Bill

UAW Union Head Softens His Tone With Delphi

Governor's appearance at King breakfast in S.F. angers city's labor leaders

Sweeney smooths over split in labor

CWA & Pension Rights Center Launch New Site On Pensions

Work in Progress: Jan. 17, 2006

AFL-CIO - Working America (voice for nonunion workers)

Labor's New Health-Care Policy Abandons National Fight For Single Payer
Health care creates stir among labor

Unions Continue the Work of Martin Luther King Jr.

Squeezing the Work Force-remaking unions in the workers' image

Iraqi Unions' Statement on IMF and WB

Labor On The Occupation

Cost of the War in Iraq
$300 billion

Official US agency paints dire picture of 'out-of-control' Iraq


Some Events

      Free Symposium & Film on the International Campaign to End Apartheid
     Stanford - January 21, 1:00-5:00pm

      Rollback Wal-Mart Conference
     Kansas City, MO - January 27

      Negroes With Guns & The Fight Against Jim Crow Laws-Nationwide Screening - February 7

      Conference on Union Democracy Reexamined
     Seattle - February 24-25

      Southwest Labor Studies "The Future of the Labor Movement"
     U.C.L.A. - March 10

      Day of Action Against the War
     D. C. and nationwide - March 18

Rank 'n File Speak
By These Hands © David Parker

From Unionist To Union Buster! Lessons From The SF Chronicle Betrayal
by Bruce Carlton - SF Chronicle IBT-GCIU 4

Barring Free Speech-What You Didn't Hear About The Carpenters Convention
by Alan Wasdahl - U.B.C.

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