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Special to LaborNet - SEIU AND THE EFCA, by Dan Mariscal

Suspected Wilmington gunman, wife
Long Decline in Union Memberships Reverses

Anti-Immigrant Provision In Economic Stimulus Bill

Stimulus May Provide Relief for States and the Jobless on Health Insurance

Revealed: Bailed-Out Execs Plotting Against EFCA

NYC TWU100 Transport Workers Union chief Roger Toussaint takes pass on new term

Supreme Court Sides With Worker Over Retaliation

FRA Drops Hammer on CSX-Stop Intimidation And Harassment Of Injured Employees

Exposed to Solvent, Worker Faces Hurdles-A Corporate Legal System Organized To Limit Liability For The Bosses

Nightmare In Public Healthcare:Capitalist Healthcare Puts Healthcare Workers And Patients At Risk

A New Strain of Drug-Resistant Staph Infection Found in U.S. Pigs And US Agricultural Workers

Tainted SEIU100/ACORN leader Wade Rathke backs Stern's Appointed Demo Pol Ray Marshall's Decision "Take Your Lumps"

150,000 California Health Care Workers May Quit SEIU

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SEIU VP Eliseo Medina's Fiefdom And The Truth About SEIU's 21st Century Company Unionism
A Union Member's Cartoon

UAW strike in '36-'37 changed workers' lives across USA

World Wide Work - January 2009
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Detroit UNITE HERE Local 24 Rank And File Protest Power Grab

Video - Chicago Unite Union Gangsters Illegally Seize Detroit Unite-Here Local 24

Video - 60 Minutes on the impact of DHL closing

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March Down Broadway for Stella D'Oro Workers
New York City - January 31

National Green Jobs Conference
Washington DC - Feb. 4-6

Flyer-Commemoration Of 1919 Seattle General Strike
Seattle - February 7

Meeting On Medicare For All? A Union Discussion
Chicago - February 20

Conference "New Crises, New Agendas-Save Jobs, Save The Planet
Kansas City MO - April 3

Class Matters-Working Class Studies Association Conference
Pittsburgh - June 3

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