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S. Carolina AFL-CIO Pres Urges Labor Movement Support For Fired Freightliner Workers

S. Carolina AFL-CIO Pres Donna DeWitt
The Saga of the Freightliner Five

Mexican Farmers & Unions Protest End of Corn-Import Taxes and Nafta disaster

Mass Mexican Farmer/Labor Protests Against NAFTA "It's totally unequal"

Demo Supported El Salvador FTA Filled With Empty Promises

Corporate America honors US auto union president

AA Pilots Disciplined For Reporting Safety Violations

Recent Moves by Guild Leaders Rattle Writers' Talks

ICE Raids SEIU 1199 Offices in Hartford, CT: Union Issues No Statement

Company can fire workers for off the job medical pot use

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The Wal-Mart of Higher Education? A UC Gardener Speaks Out AFL-CIO Weblog

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JKONJ2 Rally-Unions To Join
Raleigh, N.C. - February 9

Solidarity Rally For "Freightliner Five"
San Francisco - February 23

All Out for the National March on Washington!
Washington DC - March 15

Labor Notes 2008 Conference - Rebuilding Labor's Power
Detroit - April 11-13

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