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On the Future of American Labor by Stanley Aronowitz

SEIU janitors Miami
SEIU Pres Andy Stern's Last Stand with San Francisco Janitors?

"Bubbling Under The Surface" Silicon Valley Workers Fed Up With Rip-offs

Teamsters Lose Heroic Battle at Tyson Foods

Hotel Union Chief Eyes Bid to Lead AFL-CIO

Privatization doesn't work

Wal-Mart pulls plug when commissioners refuse rebate

LaborNet Issues: Reforming the AFL-CIO

Work in Progress, February 14, 2005

World Wide Work

LaborNet's Labor Quotes Page
AFL-CIO - Working America (voice for nonunion workers)

Social Security Privatization Calculator

Your Rights When Called Up for Active Reserve or National Guard Duty

Cal Labor Code Protecting Political Rights

Labor On The Occupation

Cost of the War in Iraq
$300 billion

Sign On to Letter to AFL-CIO Leadership


Some Events

      Rally at Future Ford to Fight Union Busting!
     Concord, CA - February 28, 11:30am

      Conf "The Future Of American Labor"
     Kansas City, MO - April 22-23

      Mass Protest of Injured and Disabled Workers
     California statewide - April 28, Workers Memorial Day

Rank 'n File Speak
By These Hands © David Parker

Marx and Makhno Meet McDonald's
by Loren Goldner, France

"You Are In For The Fight Of Your Life"
An Open Letter To SF Chronicle Workers
from Armand Nevers, ITU 18 retired

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