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Charles Barkley and the Fight for Immigrant Rights

Labor Supported Demo Feinstein Still Not Backing "Card Check" Bill

U.A.W. Deal Cuts Hourly Rate to $55, Ford Says-Close To Non-Union Plants In US

Newly Formed 150,000-Strong Nurses' Union Pushes for Single-Payer Healthcare

Vegas Families emote, labor mobilizes and demands a strengthened OSHA after Deaths

Obama Ends Bush's U.S./Mexico "Cross-Border" Truck Program

Labor Secretary Proposes Suspending Farm Rules

Obama Pushes Forward For Privatization Of Education-Doubling Federal Money For Charter Schools Despite Union Support

Hidden Pension Fiasco May Foment Another $1 Trillion Bailout - CTA Underfunded & Pensions Under Threat

SF Chronicle reaches tentative pact with union-CWA Newspaper Guild Gives Concessions and Allows "Lay Offs Without Regard To Senority"

CWA No. CA Guild Leader Cuthbertson Pushed For Major Concessions and Give-backs to Hearst Bosses

LA teachers sit in over layoffs

State teachers to rally against cuts, layoffs

San Jose City Hall abuzz over labor's choice of Cindy Chavez

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World Wide Work (free green jobs film) March 2009

Imprisoning Immigrants for Profit

Why do Obama and Newt Gingrich both want $19 billion for health technology?

WSJ Likes Obama's School Privatization Plans

No Business Plan For Newspaper Journalists And Press Workers In The US
Labor Union Bill Raises Broader Capitalism Issues

Why labor law doesn't work for workers

The revival of the unions-In from the cold?

Why Labor Doesn't Need a "House of Lords"

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Elkhart IN - April 1

Conference "New Crises, New Agendas-Save Jobs, Save The Planet
Kansas City MO - April 3

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