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SEIU International Wins NLRB Ruling That Prevents CA Kaiser Workers From Getting New Representation Through NUHW Until Sep 2010

Wilhelm, UNITE HERE file Change To Win CTW complaint against SEIU

SEIU International Launches Unfair Attacks Against Progressive Stalwart, HERE

Steve Zeltzer

Steve Zeltzer Encourages Kokuro Struggle Groups on Sit-in in Front of Parliament

Jordan Barab Named Acting OSHA

Labor leaders from AFL-CIO, Change to Win form national coordinating committee

U.S. president leaves UAW behind "No Choice But To Play Tough"

Schwartzenegger Runs Obama's Forum On Healthcare In LA-Single Payer Off The Agenda As Unions Picket Outside

Boston Globe Workers Angered by Size of Demand for Cuts and Elimination of Seniority

NYC Parsons College Fires ACT-UAW Local 7902 Art Teachers And Tries "Controlling the Rhetoric" As Faculty Protest

NYC Mayor Bloomberg says 7,000 city employees will be laid off-Albany hasn't helped city budget enough

Obama's Billionaire Advisor Buffet benefits from bailout he promoted

Our "Honest" President? Financial Industry Paid Millions to Obama Aide

First Wal-Mart Contract In N. America Won By UFCW Quebec Workers

Sit-ins at three factories after vehicle parts company goes into administration

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Why American Workers Stay Off The Streets While Europeans Protest - Unions 'Hand In Hand' With Bosses Waiting For Obama To Save Them

Business collapse can end union contracts, but not AIG bonus contracts

"Workers take pay cuts, job cuts, benefit cuts. Executives take home cash in wheel barrows."

Resist or Become Serfs

The emotion of layoff
Economic woes follow Michigan workers out of state

Amtrak Seeks the Last of the Pullman Porters

Labor Project Announces FREE Online Resource Network for Unions

"Hellbent On Using Corporate Raider Tactics" SEIU Pres. Goes To The Extreme

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Filling the Skies with Robot Assassins: US Imperial Drone Wars Have Begun

Report Outlines Involvement of Medical Workers in Abusive C.I.A. Interrogations

US Military Recruiters Are Driven To Suicide

Procuring Academics for Empire

Trade Union Antiwar Resolutions

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UALE "Imagining Alternatives:The Challenge To labor" Conference At National Labor College
Silver Spring MD - April 15

Workers Memorial Day Event-Stand Up For Injured Workers And Their Families
LA Area Downey - April 19

Meeting With UE Chicago Republic Workers And Screening
San Francisco - April 26

Class Matters-Working Class Studies Association Conference
Pittsburgh - June 3

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