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SF Mayor Gavin Newsom
SF Mayor Demands City Unions Make Concessions

GM faces barrage of strike threats from UAW locals

SEIU Seeks Damages for CNA's Effort to Silence Workers, Suppress Criticism of Anti-Union Tactics

SEIU Illinois Council President Balanoff Threatens Picket To Stop Honor For CNA Pres Rose Ann DeMoro

SEIU Pres Stern Says He Is Not Afraid To Meet With UHW Members

CA public schools need private money just to cover the basics-Privatization Drive Moves Ahead

On Workers Memorial Day: Doctors Feel Push To Downplay Injuries

Boeing shifting cost of health care onto technical workers' families

Senator pushes school course on mass 1930s deportations

'Lethal cargo' strike gaining momentum-COSATU ITF Calls For World Boycott

Report alleges abuse in Asia shrimp industry

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With Mass Unemployment Growing Is It Time For "A New WPA?"

A Worker's Life Under H&R Block

Immigrant Workers Art And Music Blossoms In San Francisco
Change to Lose and Playing Capitalist Politics Again

Change to Win info

AFL-CIO Weblog

Kirby Vacuum Labor Scam
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Union Solidarity For Tacoma Mersk Security Guard / Military Materials Resistance at US Ports

Video (52 min.) - US vs. Al-Arian On The Web

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One Longshoreman's Opinion

US Army "Rewards" Outspoken Antiwar Soldier

VA Debated PR Plan On Vet's Suicides

The U.S. Economy and the Costs of War

Trade Union Antiwar Resolutions

Some Events

By These Hands © David Parker

Kick Off of Mayworks May Day Labor Film Festival
Santa Cruz CA - April 25

Workers Memorial Day Materials Available Online Now
Nationwide - April 28

Longshoremen to close ports on West Coast to protest war
San Francisco - May 1

Postal Workers To Picket-Stop Terrorizing Postal Workers
San Francisco - May 2

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