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Card Check is Pronounced Dead-Democrats Betray Labor

SEIU Pres Stern Supports Baucus Exclusion Of Single Payer Advocates In Senate Hearings, "praises Baucus for being inclusive"

SEIU Staff Fight for Their Union

Obama's Education Privatizer Says No Money To Improve California Schools-SF Union VP Criticizes Plans

On swine flu schools policy, teachers union President Randi Weingarten rips Mayor Bloomberg

NYC Labor Crook Who Led NY Labor Council Gets 10 Years

Union's Rich Assets Recall the "Glory" Days-UAW Tops Spent $6.7 Million For Golf Course For Friends

The Last Of The Lot

Pilots Illegally Fired For Complaining About Airline Safety Training

Corporations Now Widely Using Wal-Mart Tactics, New Report on Unionbusting Finds

The Bad and the Good of the Wal-Mart China ACFTU Collective Agreement

Mass layoffs threaten San Francisco city workers-SEIU Members Reject Concessions

SEIU's Andy Stern on his relationship with Obama, Schwarzenegger and more

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Quiet on the Western Front? Behind the SEIU-CNA Alliance

Nurses now for sale, barter and trade "the sudden love affair between top officials of the Service Employees and the California Nurses Association"
At the SEIU: Harassing dissidents' lawyers, China Style

On Obama's Chopping Block: It's The Turn of General Motors

The US Auto Bosses And De-Industrialization Of South Africa

The end of the untouchable pension
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Dolores Huerta sides with NUHW homecare providers at Wednesday rally
Fresno - May 27

Conference on Race, Labor and the City: Crises Old and New
Chicago - May 28-31

IFPTE Picket Of PG&E
San Francisco - May 29

Labor Notes Troublemakers School
Oakland CA - May 30

Class Matters-Working Class Studies Association Conference
Pittsburgh - June 3

Commemoration Events Of 75th Anniversary Of SF '34 General Strike
San Francisco - July and August

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