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AFL-CIO/CTW Union leaders: Obama still firm on organizing bill but does not promise any special efforts for bill

Highest Long Term Unemployment Since Great Depression

Black-White Gap in Jobless Rate Widens in New York City

"Trust Us" Says Obama's Pro-Privatization Education Secretary To National AFT Convention

Randy Shaw protest preview-Charged With Union Busting and Racism Against SEIU 1021 Members

Rival union NUHW drops challenge to SEIU

Local SEIU union rep talks about possible strike of 100,000 workers as anger over furloughs grows

SEIU Targets Banks for Union Push

Vernon CA Immigrant workers demand jobs back

UTU Abandons Merger With Sheet Metal Workers And Looks To Its Obama Appointees

Teamsters 853 Picket Fremont Plant That Will Soon Print Chronicle-Union Drivers Refuse to Deliver Ink

ILWU Longshore vote to commend Durban dockers for boycott action against Israel

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Labor's last stand: the corporate campaign to kill the Employee Free Choice Act

Who Exactly are Our Unions Representing: Which Side Are You On? CSU Worker Speaks Out

Nobody Knows What Nanoparticles Do-Yet They Are in Your Food, Cosmetics, and Toys And they Are Unregulated
Workers With Part-Time Jobs Mask Employment Woes

The Healthcare Worker War-The SEIU and the Hollow Shell It Left Behind

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Video - Channel SEIU 1000 Report On CA State Workers Strike Vote

Video - Stella D'Oro Workers End 11-Month Strike After NLRB Victory,
But Owner Threatens to Close Factory

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"One Day In July" A Street Festival For The Working Class-Remembering the 1934 Minneapolis Truckers Strike
Minneapolis - July 25

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Commemoration Events Of 75th Anniversary Of SF '34 General Strike
San Francisco - July and August

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