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How the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is initiating a growing number of confrontations with other unions

SEIU Stern's Botched CA Mergers Leads To Derecognition By Stanford Hospital Bosses

Wal-Mart warns of Democratic win

Union Takes On Obama Rumors - AFL-CIO To Tell Member Obama Is "Not A Muslim"

Unions Back Plan that Could Kill Off Real Health Care Reform

IBT Hoffa Team Takes Concessions in New US Carhaul Agreement

Non-Union US Nissan offering buyouts to 6,000 U.S. employees

CA Gov Schwarzenegger makes layoffs, orders pay cuts for California state workers

Insurance loophole makes it easy for employers to exploit illegal workers-Another Double Standard For The Bosses

IATSE Management Flack Pres Tom Short Leaving Presidency?

Solidarity key for Seattle sprinkler fitters in victory

Filipino-American Postal Worker Terrorized By Postal Management After Complaining About Discrimination

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Massive Elimination of News Reporters as US Corporate Newspaper Downsize

Scale of destruction in 1877 railroad strike 'mind-boggling' - Like "Burning Down Headquarters Of Microsoft"
Labor Art Exhibit Revisits Cannery Strike

Millions of US Workers Cut to Part Time

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Canadian CEP Local in Trusteeship

Video - Chinese Workers In Disney's World

Video - Lights Out, McCarron:British Columbia Carpenters
Tell UBC Pres Doug McCarron To "Go Back Where You Belong"

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Slideshow - Struggle for Union Justice Goes to Orange County

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NYC Cop shown clubbing cuffed Iraqi vet, taking call, then going on the attack again

Iraq: Alarm at forced transfer of Basra union activists

Has the "Surge" in Iraq Worked? by Immanuel Wallerstein

Trade Union Antiwar Resolutions

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