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UAW364 striker Barb Havens

6 months later, still on strike

Union Disrupts Plan to Send Ailing Workers to India for Cheaper Medical Care

US Bosses Push Against Pr-Labor Laws In China

Sutter Hospital Bosses Illegally Locked Out Workers-NLRB rules against Sutter

SEIU affiliates to consolidate into single unit

Hornblower Yachts, the Walmart of the Sea!

Pictures from 10/8 SF Picket at Hornblower Alcatraz Boats

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Video - Rose Ann DeMoro on a New NLRB Ruling

In AFSCME DC37 - A round in the internet battle
"Inside The Mind" Of SEIU Pres Andy Stern

Change to Win info

AFL-CIO Weblog

Labor On The Occupation

Behold the Bounty of War Profiteering!

Data Suggests Vast Costs Loom in Disability Claims

Corporate Torture in Iraq


Some Events

      Picket & Rally at Hornblower Alcatraz Pier
     San Francisco - Sunday Oct.15 10:00am

      A Call to Action: Locally Coordinated Antiwar Activities
     Coast to Coast - October 28

      KCTU Calls For Day Of Solidarity For General Strike To Defend Basic Labor Rights
     International - November 15

      United Defense Call For International Transportation Workers Conference
     San Francisco - November 16

      LaborTech 2006 Conference
     University of San Francisco - Nov. 17,18,19  brochure

      US Labor Against Iraq War Conference
     Cleveland - December 1-3

Rank 'n File Speak
By These Hands © David Parker

I've Been Thinking
by Tim Pagel - U.B.T.

Locked Out At UAW Local 364
by Deneen Seigler - UAW/Steinway

The SEIU, South African Youth & "What the Sam Hill is going on in our National Parks!"
by Margaret, Rich and Judy - Yosemite

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