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UFWA Demands An End To Sale Of "Illegal Alien" Halloween Costume as Offensive

Worker’s Victory Fuels Domestic Labor Movement

While they were on strike, the world changed-Elkhart Conn Selmer UAW 364 Workers Left Hanging By UAW Pres Gettelfinger

Obama Wins a Battle as a Teachers' Union Shows Flexibility On Defending Teacher's Rights

LA Metrolink engineers union sues to block surveillance cameras in locomotives

Six charged in beatings of young "independent contractor" magazine salesmen who tried to quit

Labor-supported CA Demo Opposing EFCA-Nurses wanting to unionize face unlikely foe: Feinstein

Calif CNA nurses may strike over swine flu preparation

Stella D’Oro workers get the boot after sale

Where $18 an Hour is Too Much-No Solution For Stella D'Oro Workers Survival In Corporate America

Puerto Rico Unions Including Protest Job Cuts With General Strike

AFL-CIO Supports General Strike In Puerto Rico-Union Movement Rallies in Solidarity with Puerto Rican Workers

US Unions Cancel Meeting With Puerto Rican Governor Fortuño Over Mass Layoffs (Spanish)


WSJ Lauds Union Busting In Mexico by Calderón

Pensions: The Next Casualty of Wall Street

Comcast Union Busting Scam- Independent 'Contractor' Label Spurs Legal Clashes

World Wide Work - November 2009

Sustaining Workers' Bargaining Power in an Age of Globalization-Institutions for the meaningful enforcement of international labor rights

New AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Liz Shuler Not Focused On Job Says Kelber

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