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LabourStart labor photo of the year

Unions look to Obama to help advance their agenda

Automakers and Union Seek Help From Pelosi

US Teachers Campaign Against Possible Education Corporateer Privatizer Appointment By Obama

Airline unions see shift in power with new administration

SEIU Stern Unites With Union Busters To "Reform" Healthcare And Keep Insurance Companies In Control

CA Educators and Writers Call On SEIU Pres Stern To Stop Retaliation Against SEIU UHW

SEIU Int'l Union urges U.S. visas for wives of Cuban Five

DHL Cuts 9,500 Jobs in U.S., and an Ohio Town Takes the Brunt

Bosses Fail to Block Carpenter's Fight in SF

Split ruling for UAW Freightliner Five

New Worksafe Alberta videos causing controversy-Unions, safety experts say the videos blame workers for workplace accidents

Fresh Out of Prison With No Means of Support, Agriprocessors Workers Tell Their Stories

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Working Poor and Young Hit Hard in Downturn

The Night the World Began: The View From L.A. Union Rooms

"Deeds speak louder than words"

FACEBOOK FACTS-Finding Friends and Foes
Social Movements 2.0-IBM Italian Workers Organize Picket On Company's Virtual "Corporate Campus"

Who Should be Secretary of Labor?

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This Veterans Day, U.S. Soldiers Say 'Stop the War'

USLAW Greets Obama Victory-Calls For Continued Mobilization To End War

Trade Union Antiwar Resolutions

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Protests Against SEIU Take-over of SEIU UHW
CA statewide - November 12

Exhibit Unveiling for Karen Silkwood
Port Arthur TX - November 13

Labortech 2008: the digital revolution and labor media strategy
San Francisco - Dec.5,6&7

Reel Work Labor Film Series On Community TV
Santa Cruz CA - every Friday thru Dec.12

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