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UAW to seek strategic help from controversial figure Richard Bensinger who was pushed out of AFL-CIO

UAW rallies in Ann Arbor for Hyundai strikers in Korea

Nail in the Coffin: Stern to Vote No On Deficit Commission

Obama Uses Federal Employees as "punching bags"

National Legislation to Protect Workers From Wage Theft

NY Bosses Uniting With Demo Gov Elect Andrew Cuomo To Take on Public Worker Unions

3,600 LAUSD workers 'bumped' to new jobs

NYC Hardhat unions in trouble as major developers want them to take cuts

Protesting union-busting on the Philadelphia Del Monte Produce docks

D.C. Teachers' Union president George Parker loses run-off election

Locked Out Honeywell USW Local 7-669 Workers Kicked Out of Deficit Commission Meeting

SF Labor Fight Stops Work to Install Solar Panels

Quebec Anti-Scab Law Helps Resolve Comfort Inn Hotel Labour Dispute With USW 9400

L.A. County judge orders Dole to pay filmmaker $200,000 for Trying to Stifle Free Speech on Injured Workers in Nicaragua

US labor leader calls for wage increase worldwide

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