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Obama's Labor Pick, Hilda Solis: Worked Closely With Rahm Emanuel

Chrysler to Shut Factories for a Month

Angry SF Carpenters Picket UBC Local 22 Hall Over Discrimination

SEIU's Team America-Stern Ducks Questions On NPR "Talk Of The Nation" About Corruption And Sweet Heart Secret Deals

Discord rises within SAG over strike vote

Supporter Of School Privatization Chosen To Be Education Chief By Obama

Foul Choice Of Basketball Buddy For Education Secretary "Obama's kowtowing to the right-wing clique crusading against the teachers' union and progressive education"

Mary Beth Maxwell Considered for Obama Staff

Ron Carey: Visionary Teamster Leader Dies at 72

Boeing's Fighting Machinists

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Assault on the UAW a "warm-up act" for EFCA fight

Greedy CEO's & Wage Theft

Workplace Violence and Termination Etiquette

Charity fundraiser features 'State Worker Blues'
Three reviews of David Bacon's Illegal People
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Why Pay-to-Play is Bad for Labor

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